Strike a balance

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”

Since I was a young girl, I have always watched western movies and I’ve always been amazed by the lifestyle and the amount of opportunities. I have always dreamt of leaving my home country for better opportunities.

I love my country, it’s full of so many different cultures, languages, tribes and traditions, it’s such a beautiful place and I wish I could stay, I wish I could invest my talents and gifts in my country but the lack of opportunities, corruption and gender inequality would limit me. My family was blessed to have an opportunity to move to a foreign country. A country that is well developed economically and politically. The opportunities here are tremendous. What I dreamt of moving to this foreign country is not what I came to. I have had so many ups and downs.

One thing that struck me the most was the school system especially the teacher to student relationship in the schools. Back in my home country, teachers were way more dominant than the students, they had much more authority and power. Most students feared the teacher instead of looking up to them as a role model or a mentor. There was no open relationship between the two which often has a negative impact on the students.


The system in this foreign country is different. Teachers pamper the students because the policies that are implemented mostly protect the students. Some students were able to develop a good relationship with their teacher but some just lost respect for their teaches.


So which system is more efficient? Are both systems extremes? How can a balance be developed?

Throughout this blog, I hope to inspire you and share my experiences as a Black,African woman in a world that undermines all three.

Keep reading, keep sharing, keep commenting.

From us, with love,

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  1. Interesting article.

    When I was in private school many, many years ago, we had to respect the teacher. Discipline was always used and controlled the classroom from falling into chaos. How can students learn in a chaotic situation?

    I wanted an education, not a friend. I already had plenty of friends. But, I also liked teachers who treated us fairly and were not mean just to be that way. Too much power of over a student can bring on abuse of the children if not checked.

    I liked teachers who instilled into us that achievement was always there for us to gain if we did our work.

    We were told we do anything if we put our minds to it and I went on to achieve many things. I’m very grateful for my Catholic schooling.

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    1. Hello!
      Sorry for the late reply!

      I very much agree with you actually! I am very greatful as well for my former private school as well! It definitely taught me a lot in terms of discipline, respect and order. However now, as an adult, i feel that it is quite important to have a sense of “friendly” relationship, with one’s lecturer!
      So do you think that to strike a balance, schools should use a strict method with children and young teenagers? And maybe a more friendly approach to elder teenagers and young adults?

      Keep reading, keeping sharing, keep commenting.

      Responding to life.


  2. Hey Love Y!
    Nice article here. I like the flow of the words. Well, in my opinion, I think a hybrid of the two will work out well.

    To some extent the teacher is supposed to be a Life Coach, a Trainer and a Friend to the student. This is critical because it will give a chance for the student to grow and open up to the teacher. In most cases the teacher will be in a position to help the suited improve on their weaknesses and maximize on their strengths [….even outside class work].

    Also, the teacher is supposed to create those moments to instill fear to the student when they mean, “It’s time to work.” This instills good character and a high level of discipline.

    Other unseen factors that can influence the choice of the best system to chose from the two could relate to the moral values in that society, the socio-politico-economic and economic environment of that community and the attitude of the community towards education.

    Which one do you think is the best?

    Yours Truly,
    Roberto Mwashashu,
    Founder of Rashto Foundation.

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    1. Hello Robert,
      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Personally i feel like a strict approach should be used from tender age to young teens to create a sense of discipline and respect while a friendly relationship to one’s lecturers should definitely come in when dealing with older teens and young adults!

      Keep reading, keep sharing, keep commenting.

      Responding To Life.


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