Turn pain into passion, instead of crashin’

“Passion is the  bridge that takes you from pain to change”

Today’s topic is such an interesting one because at some point or another each individual has experienced pain in their life.

Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli.

There is always that one thing or a situation that an individual cannot stand because it really hurts them. For example, there are people who really experience pain from a broken society, human inequality, animal mistreatment, pollution of environment etc. This then instills a passion, a drive and motivation to change the world so to say.

Passion on the other hand is that one thing that one would do mostly because one has experienced pain to a certain level that makes their heart yearn to achieve certain changes or goals. However passion does not only come from pain but, when we listen to our role models, the successful individuals, we tend to hear a repeat of how a certain situation made them have a never-ending passion to get to a certain level. They would do anything to pursue it because they have a passion for it even if it means not counting time. The likes  Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and so on, who absolutely fought and were passionate about making the black lives actually matter. They had felt the pain of racism and discrimination which made them not look back despite their hardships on the road to success.


When you combine passion and pain, the point of intersection is known as the “PROMISED LAND”. Passion and pain go hand in hand. When you’re passionate about something, then it will really hurt you when you do not see things working out as they should. When you are passionate about something, one needs to look for opportunities for transformation, decide how ready one is to apply it and finally release it.

One can only apply the light where they know their pain and passion is. Someone once told me something that gets your blood racing is definitely worth doing. This is actually true because it means that you are connected to what you are passionate about. It means that there will be no greater feeling than achieving what it is you need to achieve. The feeling of satisfaction and relief is one that cannot be replaced. People forget that finding their passion isn’t about finding their career or money but rather finding their authentic self. The one they have buried beneath peoples need.

I normally say that whatever it is that  makes you hurt the most, whatever situation it is that you continuously think about and shed tears about should not be a thing to put you down, rather a situation that would make you wake up every single morning and work towards change. You are the only one with the power to turn your pain into passion. Now lets think for a moment, if half the people of this world had this same mindset, don’t you think that responding to life would be much easier? Don’t you think that all what is wrong in the world would to some extent be right by now?

Keep reading, keep sharing, keep commenting.

From us, with love,



2 thoughts on “Turn pain into passion, instead of crashin’

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  1. Yes, the world would become a better place if we all had this mindset
    You have good thoughts
    Everyone should be listening to you


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