Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism leads to power


“A negative attitude drains, a positive one energizes.”

Many of us, tend to speak negatively regarding our every-day life, without realizing that we are the biggest discouragers of our own lives.  I was listening to Alicia Keys speak the other day and she was talking of how she replaced her “IF” with “WHEN”. She stopped speaking of if, it will happen and started saying when it will happen, and how It mentality transformed her life.

A positive mindset will give you power over situations, challenges, circumstances instead of them having power over you! Our prosperity tends to be hindered by our mentality, yet we question why things do not always go well with us. In one of our previous posts, we mentioned that, you have the power to change for the better. The same way you also have the power to absolutely destroy your life.


When I was thinking about this topic, it came to my understanding, that there are phrases we tend to use a lot without knowing! “I can’t” “I will try, though I don’t see it working” “It might happen” “If it happens”. Despite what is going on your mind, you are actually capable of doing anything.

Your mind-set affects the words you speak and as a result they influence your lifestyle. If one is positive enough, one will see opportunities instead of obstacles. I love people who do not see obstacles before they try, people who know how to take risks because they see no limitation. The one phrase that is so common to us, is “I CAN’T” and this often our biggest limitation.

Just like the previous post, I would love to ask a simple question. Don’t you think if we all had a positive mind-set towards life, our goals, our dreams, we would be in a much more advanced world than we are in today?

Having a negative mindset and speaking negatively becomes a reoccurring situation after limiting yourself the first, second and third time. All of a sudden your dreams and goals start decreasing. You wanted to be a lawyer, artist, doctor, entrepreneur all of a sudden you want to settle for less because you feel like it’s too hard to become what you initially had in mind of being, you feel that “You can’t”.

Your confession is your possession, remember that! You confess success and success shall you possess, you confess limitations and limitations shall you possess.


 “You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will”–Stephen King

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

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14 thoughts on “Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism leads to power

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  1. In full concurrence with your piece, negative thoughts beget more negative thoughts quite exponentially; and negativity is very effortless unlike positivity which demands personal effort to keep reaching out for inspiration.

    The human mind has a special proclivity for negativity but if someone summons enough positivity, habitually…then they keep pessimism in control. Great piece once again!


  2. This is so very true. Our live is a complete sum of our mindset. Its time we believe in ourselves. Remembering ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’


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