A quitter never wins. A winner never quits.”

Progress rarely comes to those who are content and secure. It comes to those who have measured and improved their degree of persistence.

This is to motivate those who won’t do it. How many times have you committed to a project, done it half way through then called it quits, or postponed it to a later date? How many times have you felt unsatisfied by various aspects of your life, vowed to change them, but ended up doing the same thing all over again?

You don’t start a marathon by sprinting the first mile. Patience is very difficult at times, that is why it is said to be a virtue. It is a very significant virtue that most of us unfortunately lack. To many people, when you say “be patient”, it sounds unreasonable and inhibiting. This is because we focus more on getting immediate results for efforts made, which actually precipitates quitting.

Changing habits that lag you behind is a requisite step towards achieving your goals. Procrastination is said to be a thief of time and I entirely agree with this. To many of us, it is a strong, mysterious force that keeps us from completing the most urgent and important tasks in our lives. The reason as to why people procrastinate is not yet understood. Some argue that it is an outcome of laziness and inability to prioritize. In my opinion, procrastination is a failure of self-regulation and self-control.

In surveys, 95% of people admit to procrastinating, with about a quarter of them admitting that it is a chronic, defining characteristic.

However, the best way to eliminate procrastination is by learning to perceive the habit of persistence. Developing strong will-power and self-discipline will endow you with the power to overcome any obstacle and difficulty and make you persistent in your efforts. Remember that whatever you feed your brain with, greatly determines the outcome of your efforts. Explore your abilities and develop a positive mindset, it will motivate and empower you. Also, reading books and articles about people who have achieved great success will enhance your enthusiasm and motivation. However, you have to keep your desire to succeed alive in order for this to happen. This is by visualizing the improvements you want to bring about. See them as already real and true. Draw a vivid mental picture, and employ the skill of affirmation. Repeating affirmations constantly will remind you of your goals, and program your subconscious mind to propel you in achieving them.

Always remember that patience rewards only those who endeavor to get the best of what they deserve. Measure and improve the degree of persistence in your life today, to be a winner.

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From us, with love,