Same game, different levels

“Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up”

In life, we grow at different paces and stages, while as people around us may not grow at the same pace or even reach the same heights.   

However recently i have noticed that many people tend to disregard those who are at a lower level where they look down on them, not realising that, we are all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils. Life is full of ups and downs and no situation is permanent. As the writer writes  ¨Two things define us, our patience when we have nothing and our attitude when we have everything.¨

Majority of us tend to focus on the patience part and completely forget the attitude part, which  happens to be the most predominant.  Attitude determines the sustainability of our positions. The act of pride leads to failure because pride is an enemy of heights.  Many people that have risen to higher levels that we could identify as ¨successful¨ especially great stars that we have read about, drastically lost everything they ever achieved, not because they stopped chasing their passion, neither stopped working hard. Not even because their ¨star¨ lost its shine, but because of their attitude. Life has an amazing way of making us humble. One of the major characteristics of people who have a negative attitude while they are ¨at the top¨ is how they relate to others especially those who they consider to be below them.


To all our lovely readers who have made it in life, or those who are currently on their way up, remember, a negative attitude is a mess to your life and only you can decide to change. Get rid of your perception towards life and the people around you. Know that there is a possibility that those in lower level may overtake you, if you hold on to the wrong attitude.  You may also fall back to step one. It all depends on whatever attitude you decide to adapt.
To all our lovely readers still trying to take that first step or even still in that dark tunnel, having a hard time seeing their light, keep moving, but stay patient. When you finally get there, do not forget that you once were in that position, and if you keep that in mind, that light will continuously be visible in all aspects of your life. 

From us, with love

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  1. That’s really true. One should never ever look down on anybody for we are all equal. The text is very encouraging and keep up the same Spirit of positive inspiration. I have personally learnt a lot. God bless you all.

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