Chasing visions or televisions?

“Love a man and not his money. Love the qualities of his head and heart, not the material glamour of his surrounding”

We need to learn to love Others and appreciate those that come our way.  It is very wrong to take relationships for granted and worse still to measure relationships with material things.  Let us remember that people are to be loved, while as things are to be used.  In our current generation, we happen to do the vice versa where we use people and Love material things, for example wealth, big houses, cars, money not to mention but a few. Time is gone when relationships were healthy. Today’s focus on material things has overtaken our generation and the question is “Where is the world heading to?”

Looking at the example of Most women, they have developed the intuition that life can only be good in the hands of rich men. They have put behind the aspect of True love and capitalized on the benefits that comes with a relationship.  What these women and young girls need to know is that a relationship is a journey and that journeys have corners, potholes and even bumps.  These men could be doing well today, but if what propels your relationship is not there tomorrow, what will be your motivation to moving on? For many of such women, either age has caught up with them, others have become worn out or contract some weird diseases because of their disgruntled attitude that make them nomads, jumping from one man to another.  Being in a relationship with a wealthy man is not bad but let it be with and for the right reasons.

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One thing I personally believe is that, money only impresses lazy girls, those who want to be spoon-fed. “Parasites” I would call them, always clinging onto their men’s pocket, forgetting that a man’s money never excites an independent woman. Recently, my mind was blown off when my friends were discussing about the new trend of the “maintenance fee”. When I asked the meaning of this they told me that it is an amount of money (to be agreed on by the couple in the relationship) that is paid to the lady each month. What a shock! The maintenance fee I was aware of is that of a leased property that one pays the fee in advance incase the property incurs some damages.   What a world!! Men are drawing back to these kinds of demands and are opting to live alone to avoid all this unnecessary stress. And this is increasing the rate of the aging unmarried women and increasing their desperation.

Come on ladies! Why have we lost our morals? Why have we lost the value of love in relationships! Is someone wondering why divorce is on the rise? All evil things will always happen when we apply the wrong approach in relationships. But a reminder to such ladies, there still exist upright and well-mannered women in the world and when a man shows you their back, maybe it is because they have found one of them.

“A woman who leaves a man with a vision for a man with television, will soon watch the man with a vision in her husband’s television and live in regret.” My appeal to the ladies in relationships, with the wrong motive, single ladies searching for men with the wrong reasons and those that lost their men because of their evil motives, it is not late for you to turn around and get engaged in meaningful relationship.  I mean, love a man for who he is and not for what he has.  Let us restore sanity in relationships.  Drop the conditions.

Real women, help their men build an empire, push them to their success, shower them with positive energy and never kick them when they are down.
Best wishes in your new approach

From us, with love,

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  1. I am really impressed with todays message to ladies most especially. I believe this is really a great topic that all ladies should put into consideration. Personally I have learnt a lot and will share this with many other young ladies. Thank you very much. God bless responding to life.

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  2. First article ever of the many I’ll read. Hood write up that raises quite a few issues that prompt discussion.
    Great job ladies and keep at it.

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