You bleed, they lead

“Everybody by your side is not on your side”

 Not everybody is your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean they are for you.

Everybody needs a loyal friend who will support them no matter what.  This is a friend who knows all your deepest and darkest secrets but still loves you all the same. But sometimes You come across happy friends that you hang out with and catch some fun with, Some Miserable friends, ratchet ones, educated, religious, materialistic and all kinds of friendships just to mention. These are friends you recognize from the way they handle their area of specialization.  Most of the time you try to keep up with the old friends with their shortcomings with the hope that they will change from their terrible behaviors.  These are friends who do not add any value to your life, yet they are the friends you tend to cling on to very much. Unfortunately, toxic friendships never improve, they get worse instead. But making excuses for friends who cause havoc to your life is a great mistake.

I was having a conversation with a friend and on the process, I realized that toxic friends may not support any of your ideas and good ideas for that matter. When they are with you, you struggle with your emotions to make decisions, and the choices you make are always bad. You realize that their choices are incompatible with the person you are and the miles you want to cover in life. On a second aspect, they carry a very negative energy that can leave you drained.  Despite the fact that they do not support your ideas, they want to be the headline of every progress you are making in your life.  A few friends and maybe one is always loyal and able to support your ideas and your achievements, from day one. Keep such friends.  Having a bunch of friends do not add value to your life.  Especially if you have a focus and striving to pursue a destiny.  Our advice is that you duck out of this kind of friendships.  They can be overly critical of your decisions and even destructive if not careful.

Remember, if your friends are getting in the way of your goals, you need to go on without them. If you do not, they will keep you stagnated. If you notice that your friend takes no advice but keeps craving for your attention and makes you abandon your responsibilities to attend to them yet they know how engaging your task is, keep a distance.

The company you keep says a lot about you. Friends influence over how you feel, think and behave. So be very careful who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with people that possess a high degree of self-discipline, they will boost your will-power to achieve all your desired dreams.  Keeping the right friends will be the secret to your success.

Jim Rohn writes ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’ surround yourself with positive minded friends who have a habit of chasing their dreams and believe in taking responsibility for their lives, and you will grow in a positive direction. They will support you on your journey and you will move towards an inspired direction. On the contrary, negative influencive friends may sometimes be impossible to please, and the more you try the less they appreciate your efforts.  Some of them will try to minimize your dreams by showing you that you can’t live up to your dreams nor can make them come true.  At times, they are so manipulative and they try to use you to further their own purposes, where they make their goals a priority.

To our lovely readers, if you have been engaging in this kind of friendships, it is not late to start making changes.  While you don’t have control over bad influences in the past, you should find new ways to engage yourself with friends that bring happiness, positive energy, hard work, support and encouragement to your life.  Most importantly, recognize that you have an element of control over the friends that surround you, and it is within your power to change them.

From us, with love,

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