Love is beautiful, prospect makes it ugly

“If you align expectations with reality, you will never be disappointed”
‘In life, people will always disappoint and hurt you .’ This is a statement I heard from a very important person in my life. I actually did not understand the intensity of this statement until recently when I learnt that ‘having or creating too many expectations is one of the sources of our unhappiness in life .’
Expecting and living in reality are the two sides in life where, expectations lead to heartbreak and disappointments, while living in reality always leads to cheer.
In a normal life scenario, we cannot deny the fact that we literally expect a lot of things to turn out  positively. However, in relationships either with family, friends or even partners, the heartbreaks and disappointments we encounter are more or less caused by our own expectations. We expect full time attention in form of calls and texts, a lot of random dinners and gifts etc. forgetting that there is more to a relationship. This is the part where we feel betrayed and end up being disappointed and heartbroken.
Actually love does not hurt. It’s having too many expectations that does. If we let everything flow, I am sure happiness would be achieved, because at the end of the day, if we don’t get all we want, we will end up being heartbroken. The only way we can win in life especially with people, is avoiding too much expectation and comparison between ourselves and others. Do not expect your relationship to be like that of so and so because you will end up doubting yours and eventually be disappointed. Expecting nothing and appreciating everything should be our guiding principle. Also people’s expectations of us may not only hurt them, but us as well.
For instance, some people expect us to at a certain age have settled, married, working etc. However, if we were to live by their expectations, we will then have become our own ‘enemy of progress.’ We stop going after what we want and end up being disappointed.
We at responding to life would love to encourage you not to base your life on other people’s expectations. Life is simply more enjoyable without heartbreaks and disappointments. Do not complicate your life with too many expectations because simple things become complicated when you expect too much.
From us,
With love,
Responding to life

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