Responding To Life

“Life is a balanced system of learning, adjusting, and evolving. Whether pleasure or pain, every situation in your life, serves as a purpose. It is us to recognize what the purpose is.”


Sometimes, painful experiences can teach us lessons that we think we need not learn. ‘Life, is about 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it.’ This is a statement I am sure we have come across, but fail to put to practice. Only the brave are capable of handling difficult and stressful situations well by themselves. During such a time, we are heavy hearted, not knowing how to react to the whole situation. Anyway, the best response in life is joy. This can sound ridiculous I know and most of you are asking, “How can you seek joy in a situation where you feel like the world is falling apart on your side?”

The answer is very simple, take time to figure out best way you can handle the situation rather than being quick to respond without a clear picture of it. We need to remember, trying to find solutions for difficult situations doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. We need to learn to be patient with ourselves otherwise life will turn out to be so cruel. “Perseverance is key, and whatever life throws your way, you MUST pick up and keep on moving.” (Tanya David)


I can testify that I have lost, I have fallen in love, I have trusted, I have been broken but all these came with a lesson. The moment we start responding to harsh situations in life, the more peaceful our life becomes. Worry, anxiety and disappointment will bother us no more, because we will have learned to look at life from a different perspective. Learning to deal with one’s attitude in situations helps in responding to, rather than reacting to them.

We at RespondingToLife, would love to encourage you, to never let your emotions overpower our gift of intelligence. This is because when we learn how to respond to situations, then intelligence will prevent you from making rational decisions.

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  1. That is true. Actually this message has really encouraged me and I would share with other people going through the same. Thank you and God bless.

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