Fear makes you walk when you’re meant to fly

“Resist your fear; fear will never lead to you a positive end. Go for your faith and what you believe”

Ever heard of the quote, “Sometimes you need to fall before you fly?” No? Well, look at a scenario where a baby bird is born, it has to be fed and protected. In our daily life experience, be it work, business, education, promotions, etc. we must strive and fly at some point in life in order to move on.  Just as the baby bird was being fed and protected, at one point or another it had to fly since it had gained more strength. What if the bird never had the courage of flapping its wings because of the fear of falling, would its life cycle end there?

Fear is a feeling which most of us are quite familiar with and has a negative influence on us in very many aspects of our lives. We all have different kinds of fear that we try to battle with. Some people have a fear of heights, of snakes, of people who we find unpleasant and for most of us, a fear of the future which we call ‘The fear of the unknown’. Fears instill in us an attitude which makes us either not want to venture into anything in connection to what we are afraid of.

We therefore enclose ourselves in the ‘safe zone’ simply because we are afraid of the unknown. You often hear statements such as, “I don’t know what would happen if I started a business”, ‘’I’m scared it might not work out, or it will fail, I’d rather keep my job”It’s neither because they lack ambition, nor is it they are unprepared for better but simply because they have a fear, the fear of ‘failure’.

The majority have so much potential, however, fear overshadows all that. We feel taking a leap of faith will throw us off balance and out of control. Sometimes without even noticing, we prefer being in situations where we have absolute control over what is happening and what is about to happen. We want to stay in comfort zones simply because we are able to control our emotions and reactions thus avoiding the fear in us. After all, some realize that taking risks and taking that leap of faith may lead to the greatest breakthrough in their lives.

For many of us, it’s not even the fear of failure that stops us but the fear of not knowing how to manage ourselves outside our comfort zones. It takes a lot before we master the art of flying. Hardships, stress, failure and at times defeat are some of the things we have to undergo before we become experts in what we are trying to pursue. I cannot lie to you that, the road to success is ever that smooth. Would you rather take that leap of faith or lay on your sick bed regretting what you never risked to try, due to fear of the unknown?


To all our readers, let not fear keep you from thriving and succeeding. Do not allow it to keep you in your comfort zone longer than you should be. If it’s a business venture, or a risky career, go for it! Truth is, you will struggle at first but practicing, learning and staying persistent will make it easier for you to succeed. If it’s a degree, or diploma go for it if you’re sure it’s going to benefit you more than what you are doing now. Do not let fear rule over you and limit you from taking a leap of faith, and paving your way to greatness.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,
Responding To Life.


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  1. This is one important topic that has really inspired me.Fear is an enemy to many of us including myself. Thank you for giving us the tips of dealing with and overcoming fear. Really appreciate. God bless.

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