Seize the moment and relish

Many of us fail to understand the true meaning of “living each day at a time.” Every day is a learning process and it comes along with its own experience. The moment we stop carrying future worries with us, ‘plan the future  yes’, but take one day at a time, then we will start experiencing a life filled with joy and fulfilment, because we will start living the moment.

I see this happen a lot with relationship where people find partners and barely six months, they start worrying if there will be a future with them. Instead of living the moment as per then and enjoying what they have, fear and worries of the future creeps in. Love is very beautiful but the moment they let these other things come between them, love turns sour. Arguments and misunderstanding becomes inevitable.

What actually destroys the beauty of life, is the picture we perceive in our minds of how things are supposed to go rather than focusing on the feelings of the moment.. From our previous post on too much expectations, we mentioned that disappointments and heartbreaks are excerpts  from our mindset. Hurrying relationships to next levels will make you see limited chances of their success, and in the process start feeling wasted.  Such feelings may make you walk away and unfortunately, you may find yourself in the same repeated cycle again and again.  What you need at this point is not to change your partner, but to change your mindset.


Did you know the most exciting things are those that come unexpected! Don’t allow desperation destroy what you are holding. Alternatively, if you are not committed to something, then don’t keep doing it.  Some of us maybe experiencing overwhelming experiences in their relationships, sometimes the unexpected happens. So enjoy for everyday that passes by, because “today is the only day we are sure of”

If we allow the fear of the future to cloud our lives, we will fail to experience the beauty of today.  The more these clouds darken, the more the sight of our eyes fade. And the more the beautiful things of life pass us by.  Joy brightens our lives and gives us better sight to see even more exciting and interesting things that are happening to us and  surrounding us.  Every person want to partner with  people with positive mindsets because they are easy to get along with and they carry the right attitude.

When we do our part, we should let the rest to happen.  If it is meant to, it certainly will.  If it does not, forge forward and appreciate what life brings your way,  Use the memories of today to better your tomorrow.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,

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  1. This has majorly been my problem. I’m glad I have learnt that life isn’t about the future just, because it is today that determines the future we are worried about. God bless you!

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  2. It is true that every day is a day to learn and acquire something new in life. In the context of relationships, some lessons can be bitter and sour or on the other hand can be worth appreciating depending on the decisions and the path we choose in life. It is always said that every choice has a consequence and it can be for the best or for the worst. It is good to enjoy every moment in a relationship but get to enjoy it with the right person at the right time and this way, you never get the word “regret” in your vocabulary. Again never ever rush to be in a relationship out of peer pressure since there is time for everything under the sun. Things done at the right time come without pressure and are worth enjoying in their due time and they come in as a blessing in ones life even in relationships. Therefore, I encourage us to walk down the path of having relationships with the right person at the right time and in the right context for the right purpose. This way we shall have no fear in whatever we do in all spheres of life. I have learnt something new and it is a wonderful topic. God bless.

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  3. Our generation we are ment to worry. You may have someone for some times and he is not making any move for the relationship to the next level. You should worry maybe you are just a project. Nice read

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