“I can do things you cannot do, you can do things i cannot do, but together, we can reach greater heights”

The moment we start seeing our friend’s, colleague’s or even partner’s strength overshadow us, making us feel the need to work alone or keep to ourselves, then definitely the dawn of a downfall is approaching speedily. Success will only be achieved, when we decide to work as a unit. The losing part is not only on the individual, but the relationship that existed before will not be the same. I believe that we are in an era where development is vital. The question is, how do you expect progress when you/we allow “jealousy” all in the name of competition to pull us down?

The realisation that someone, can do something better than we can or is more knowledgeable in a given field, does not necessarily mean they are better than us. I fail to understand why people would prefer to work alone where output is so little, rather than work with others to produce so much more. Truth is, individually we all have strengths and power and with that, comes a competitive attitude and the mentality of winning in everything we do. All this is good until we become power-hungry, then we lose. When we quit thirsting for power and lose the will to compete with others, then we will build bridges instead of walls.


The joy of success will be great when you realize it’s teamwork that made you achieve what you attained. The power-hungry will never enjoy fulfillment because they are always trying to compete unnecessarily, enhancing unhealthy competition. To them, teamwork is nothing but an illusion, a distant dream, impossible to realise since their focus is directed towards an individual win rather than a goal. The fact that their counterparts have attained  a certain level of success or even prove to be a bit better than they are in one aspect or the other, frustrates them and jealousy forms inside them.

To all our readers, it’s about time we start viewing each other through different lenses. Working corporately with others, we maneuver to higher places. No man is an island. If you pull back due to the fear of being overshadowed by others, that only serves to prove that you are insecure and have an unteachable spirit. We learn from those who are around us, from day to day. Having someone who is specifically good at one thing or the other only creates the perfect platform, for you to expand your skills and knowledge.

Allow yourself to learn and grow, eventually your colleagues, friends or even your partner could be the catalyst to your success.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,