You get served what you deserve

“Life is a boomerang, what you give is what you get”

We constantly hear of the word karma, some people connect it to religion specifically Hinduism and Buddhism. However, karma is informally defined as “good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions.” Well, karma is practical whatever name we give it, it’s active in all our lives.

The actions we take, the decisions we make in our present lives, whether positive or negative always will have a sequel. Often we say “the past is the past”, “if you change, the past cannot affect you”, and frequently most of us tend to act irrationally, based on the mentality that, our actions will once become our past, and if we change, they will have no effect on us. If you are walking around with this mentality, it’s about time you stop and think of the decisions you are making now before it’s too late. In as much as we can let go of the past, we still do or yet are to suffer the consequences at one point or another.

Truth be told, there are times in our lives we question situations and what we have done to deserve certain things.

Your life could be working out really well, to the point of questioning what it is you have done to deserve such goodness in your life, or else, it could be the contrary. It’s so easy for us to forget our actions and decisions due to our human nature, but life never forgets. Your success or downfall isn’t because there are evil forces against you (Not completely shutting down the fact that this is a possibility), but simply because at some point we did or did not do something and it’s time to reap what we sowed.


I was told a story the other day, of a lady who once helped a young man who was being beaten because he owed money to his attackers. This young lady was at the time, nothing but a young girl in university struggling to make ends meet. On inquiring from the attackers the reason for which they were beating him so mercilessly they angrily explained that he owed them money and that the grace period was long overdue. She asked how much, and they gave her an amount which was approximately equivalent to what she had in her pocket, except that she had just a few notes above the amount. She decided to pay them, and in return they would let him be. The grateful young man had nothing to offer her but a simple “thank you”.

Approximately 7 years later, the lady had gotten married and had children. One day, armed robbers invaded her home, and one of these men was the young man she had saved years ago. She could barely recognize him but he recognized her. He asked his “fellow” robber to mark the home as “untouchable” they returned everything and spared the lives of everyone. He then said “thank you” once again and reminded her of the kind gesture years back.

To all our readers, never underestimate the power of a kind or wicked gesture. Always keep in mind that whether it’s to others, or in any aspect of your life, your decisions today, right now at this moment, might in 10 minutes, a day, a month or even years be considered as the past but they do not cease to have an impact on your life. Results might not take effect immediately but at that time when you doubt your situation, remember that it just might be your time to harvest. Create the future you desire to have and make peace with your past. Make sure your life attracts more of the good than the bad luck for it is in your power to do so!

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,

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  1. Patrick thuita
    Well, karma has no menu and all one has to do in this life is to do good to others as you should wish good would be done unto you.Always have positive thoughts and positive things shall happen unto you.


  2. Patrick thuita
    Well, karma has no menu and all one has to do in this life is to do good to others as you should wish good would be done unto you.Always have postie thoughts and positive things shall happen unto you.

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  3. This topic is automatically true. I honestly appreciate the time and sacrifice you have made to bring this topic together. Most of us have different pasts that have shaped who we are and some of the things we do. It is up to us to choose which path we take in life. Ones past may have been bad and bitter but when one reconciles with H/Herself and with God things always change for the better. With this, we get to live blessed lives without the condemnation of our past experiences. Also life has its own way of making things just so it is important that we do unto others what we would like them to do unto us. This is a simple Biblical principle that will help us throughout our lives here on earth. We can all live happy blessed lives that favored by God only if we allow ourselves to live life the right way. Do good unto others and good will be reciprocated back. Most of the time we attract what we deserve, therefore do what is right and right things will come your way. Thank you once more for this great topic. God bless you and Responding To Life.


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