“There is nothing as powerful as the truth and often nothing so strange.”

Often we hear people speak of honesty and being true to both self and to others. However, that does not always apply to the majority in real life. Many people tend to get offended when they hear the truth and others get scared of telling the truth in fear of hurting others. Honesty is sadly, one of the rarest values possessed by mankind. We are so obsessed with pleasing our friends, family and even strangers that we compromise on the truth. The saddest part is that, honesty has even been compromised at the most sacred of institutions such as marriages, politics and religious places. It’s yet to be known where the future of integrity and proper values lie.

As hard as it is to speak the truth at times, compromising should not be an option. Keep in mind, the more lies you tell, the even more lies you have to tell to cover up for the lies you already have told. At the end of the day being dishonest does not hurt anyone else as much as it hurts you.Sometimes, most of us compromise the truth in fear of hurting others without realising that it’s hurts more building a any kind of relationship on lies and dishonesty. Trust is broken and just like a mirror, it can be fixed but can never be the same again. Others prefer being brutally honest and in this case, it’s not the honesty that hurts but the brutality. How you convey a message, has so much effect on how it’s received. Rudeness and brutality should not be confused for “realness”. There is a thin line between these, which often get mixed up.


To be able to live a fulfilling life, one of the things we need to learn is how to speak the truth despite how hard it may seem. No matter how much pain, we think it might may cause, keep it at the back of your mind that, bitter truth is easier to forgive, than sweet lies. We need to learn how to accept those who care enough to be honest regardless of how bitter it is. There are few of such people left in this world and one should not take them for granted. They are as precious as rare gems.
We also need to know how to convey the truth to others, without leaving out or changing vital information. We need to know the difference between being rude and being real!

Once we understand these key points, then we’ll be better equipped to handle situations, without compromising the truth to satisfy others and in the process discrediting ourselves. Remember, no lie told is ever to the benefit of anyone. Dishonesty is nothing but a distractive quality.

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