You don’t have to re-route each time a new route is detected

“Everyone we meet in the course of our life, is placed there for a reason.”

People have a purpose as to why they are in our lives. Whether it’s for a day, a month or even a lifetime, people cross our paths either as a lesson or as a blessing. People at times will leave us, this is one thing we constantly forget, and dwell too much on the fact that they have left us, rather than the lesson(s) we’ve learnt from them.
The people in our lives are our destiny shapers. We may have read or heard time without number, the friends we keep or rather the people we keep around us influence who we are and who we gonna be. In simple words, each individual has a future, a destiny and something they are purposed to achieve in life. Whether we achieve this, or how we do it, all depends on how we lead our life. The greatest influence to our achievement is our surrounding. The character, behaviour, and the mindset of our peer group.

Your Life is a journey, yourself, your family, your friends, your actions are your navigator (GPS), while your dreams, goals and ambitions are your destination(s). The GPS will always start by choosing the best way to get to the destination (which represents you and the path you choose to take from the start), however along the way, there are detours and portholes which might be caused by a lot of factors. The path you chose might be under construction, a shorter route might be suggested and so on and it’s upon you to choose whether to go on or not. Sometimes you might just have to take the detour because it’s the best way, and other times, you might just have to continue on your route to avoid getting lost! This represents the people who surround you, the people who you allow into your life!

Understand this, the people who are in your life as blessings, are the people designed to help you become the best version of yourself, which is to make you achieve your purpose, while the people who are in your life as a lesson will either bring a setback which will make you re-route, or make you fail in life. Most of us tend to be brought down not because we lack the right mentality, attitude or skills, but because we want to hold on to the temporal people and let go of the permanent. We constantly confuse our destiny shapers with our destiny breakers. This especially happens when we make mistakes and get corrected.


Our destiny shapers, won’t compromise to any of our wrong doings, they correct and guide us strictly. Alternatively, the destiny breakers will only encourage us to continue in our mistakes and even to get deeply engaged.  We tend to interchange these two characters.  We embrace the wrong character (the praisers) and we reject the good character (the correctors) designed to hook us up or connect us to our destiny.  This affects may delay or even end up destroying our destiny.   Beware of friends who rejoice with you in your presence, yet speak ill and absolutely pull you down behind your back. Embrace those who protect us behind our backs and push us to greatness however unfavourable we find them. Never take for granted, the people who truly care for you and vouch for your future, dreams and goals. The people who correct and advice you because they are your destiny shapers. Keep away from constant praisers (Oh yes, if someone constantly praises all that you do, will praise you to your grave.

Stay away from people who don’t rejoice at your success.You must learn how to differentiate between destiny shapers and breakers to be able to keep the right people and dump the wrong and not vice versa. Truth is, in life nothing is coincidental or a mistake, the people we meet will either make us or break us. Don’t allow anyone redirect your focus. Be careful and stay focused. Don’t redirect your focus.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,

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  1. I must say that this is a topic that is eye opening. Thank you for sacrificing time to write this. what I can say is that we have both positive and negative destiny shapers. The positive destiny shapers will impact in your life positively and you will never get lost if you choose that path. However the negative destiny shapers will inspire you in all the wrong things you could possibly imagine.It is up to you to use wisdom and know who is for you and who is against you. I would encourage you to choose the right people in life and you will get to enjoy every moment in this precious life God has blessed us with. I believe credit is always given where it is honestly due. If someone appreciates you with sincerity from their hearts, value them since they are very hard to find especially in today’s generation. However, there never lacks people who can be sarcastic and not sincere in their appreciation. I would encourage that you keep far away from such people for they do not add value in your life and their comments can be very misleading. Also keep people who are out for your good. Whenever they correct you, take it positively and weigh to see if the correction is beneficial or not. If it is beneficial, take it. If not, leave it. Also, in life do not take everything as gospel truth. Sieve every information you get be it from family, priests, friends, enemies, and acquaintances among others. Your life is very important and valuable to God and those who love you. So guard it with great wisdom. Along this journey of life, you will meet many people and they will either impact -vely or +vely. So appreciate every lesson in this precious life and do not ignore any of it since it will shape you and your destiny. “Appreciate the people God brings in your life before you lose them and start wishing which is not the best path to walk in. Appreciate.”

    Blessings of God be with you and Responding To Life.


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