The loud whisper of temptation

“Ever notice that the whisper of temptation can be heard farther than the loudest call to duty”

Many at times we have fallen victims to temptation by one thing or another. The biggest question however is, how steadfast are we in resisting them? At times we may be weak at heart but the consequences are usually not appealing and we end up betraying ourselves for breaking the promises we have made.

When we allow ourselves to get tempted, we settle for ‘temporary happiness’ which is not worth it. This is because we look for shortcuts to satisfy ourselves through these temptations and at the end of it, we end up hurting not only us but also the people around us. We forget to do what is right for us and instead do what is easy. Temptation arises from many a front. Money, power, sex, alcohol, you name it! These are the things that make the “world go round”. Whatever has control of your life, is what you are a slave to. Don’t get me wrong, money is not bad, but the moment you give in to temptations which may lead to lying, stealing, killing and doing all manner of things for money, then you’re a slave to money.


Often we hear about countries that are going through civil war due to political conflict. This is often a result of people who have let themselves be slaves to power and the frenzy that comes with it. No one wants to lose out on that feeling of being in charge. It’s like a natural narcotic, that kick starts an adrenaline rush, ruling over multitudes, you feel it? Imagine that. Now snap out of it! It’s a trap! Is it the Bacardi, the Hennessy that you can’t avoid a sip of every second hour, the creamy sweet, strong after taste of baileys and Dooleys that you utterly can’t do without, or is it the pina colada, the bikini bottom, the cherry twist cocktail that dances in your mouth that needs to be in your life?
Is it the muscles, the abs he bears, the colour of his eyes, his height, the deep voice and the way he says hello? Is it how her skirt hugs her assets? How her body moves as she graciously walks around? Is it how her hair swings or her beautiful melodious voice that keeps ringing in your head? That Gucci bag, that new pair of Puma future cats, or those lovely red bottoms?

There I got you again! Well, it’s a trap. Focus! That’s how easily we fall into temptation. It’s a mind trick that makes us believe that we need to indulge in certain things and 90% of us would rather fall than resist since it’s the easier thing to do. Consequently, we have “unwanted” pregnancies, a high divorce rate, more people who need rehab and unstable finances.

The road to success is dotted by many tempting parking spaces. It takes a lot of courage for one to get to the finish line by overcoming all the temptations they face.The best way to save ourselves is to distance ourselves from all the things that tempt us.

I read somewhere that, some of the reasons we should stay away from temptations are:

  1. Actual pleasure is always a let down from your fantasy.
  2. The result is always worse than your nightmare.
  3. Trading our temporary pleasures for a lifetime of pain and regret is a dumb move which you might think, you’d easily get over but the joke is on you! (Especially when we get tempted to cheat on our spouse which will often destroy our family)
  4. Hurting the person who truly loves you in order to please a fake lover is only done by cowards.

Temptations have their repercussions, once you fall into them. Being able to withstand and do what is right might get tough at times but self-control is beneficial in the long-run. Short term satisfaction, rush of adrenaline or spur of excitement is not at all worth risking your future for, the most important things in life or even the more permanent things.

From us, with love

11 thoughts on “The loud whisper of temptation

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  1. This is a very nice topic. To be sincere, temptations are real and they can come to us even without notice.
    We need to master and know when temptations strike in order to avoid or overcome them. You are right when you say temptation brings temporary happiness. We should walk down the path of self control and avoid temptations.

    Thank you for this topic. Blessings.


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