“A woman may have all the technical knowledge, scientific intellect and business know-how but when she decides to choose laziness in building her home, excuses, complaining and other bad attitudes, her relevance is meaningless, charity begins at home.”

Gone are the days when most women take proper care of their homes. Laziness as a woman does not only apply to women who are housewives and sitting down to wait on a help or their man, this also applies to the women out there, busy making a 6-7 figure salary but neglecting their homely duties.

Don’t get me wrong we are in 2017 and roles might not mean as much, however there is something so attractive about a smart, clean, homely and hardworking woman who is well rounded in all aspects. Laziness has become a norm that women are taking into relationships and even marriages. Preparing a simple meal for their spouse has become an issue and this is the reason why you will see women going for ‘fast foods’ or dinner dates every single day instead of cooking proper meals for their men. Yes you spent your days studying and making efforts towards being that “boss woman” but making efforts to learn and experiment, could actually mean a lot.

Men are not always the “dogs” we claim they are, many are simply driven out from their homes by women who comfort themselves in “being who they are”. There is no excuse for adultery, however, as human beings one can only take so much. Thus no party in the relationship should get too comfortable to a point of not caring about their roles in the commitment. Men get disgusted by lazy women if you are not aware. If you wake up in the morning with makeup running down your face , just because you were lazy to take it off last night, then be sure that no man would want to wake up to such. Ladies who cannot maintain and show interest in building a home would not be a priority for men, instead men will use and dump them. Ladies who stay up all night following up on television series and wake up the next day past midday, in the name of it being a weekend are lazy. Life should be a balanced,  priorities should be set right. Even if you have nowhere to go, waking up early, taking a shower and straightening your bed is a sign of an active body and an active mind. You might not even be in a relationship or married, or you may not even have kids, but waking up, reading a book, going for a walk, or doing something will instill a character that will make you a proper woman, so don’t wait until you are married to do such. You might just end up lazier than ever, the type of woman to wake up late and even fail to prepare their man for work or even let her kids be taken to school by a nanny even though she has time to do so. A lazy woman would let her nanny even cater to her husband’s needs. There should be boundaries.


Lazy women have selective participation, fall victims to uncleanliness and don’t mind their surroundings. They have no time to tidy up the rooms and even change their beddings.

Ladies it’s high time we realize that there is more behind all that beauty that men seek. Just because you’re beautiful it does not guarantee you a man or a future. You might be a career woman now, but in the long run, your laziness might just rub off on your work. You have to find a balance to be able to succeed on all aspects. Men want ladies who are active and are guaranteed even with their absence things will be handled.

If you know that you are such a lady, not married at the moment but have certain characteristics, it’s the high time you change, not only because of a marriage situation but for yourself! Do it because you know that you need to be better.

If you are married and have these traits, it’s not too late. You can still make a complete turn around and be there for not only yourself but your family as well. Whether you are an amazing housewife or a successful career woman, A woman’s most treasured jewel is her family and to jeopardize that for a situation she can change is not worth it.

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From us, with love,