First impression is the last impression (Part One)

“Clothes are the way you present yourself to the world; they affect the way the world feels and thinks about you; subconsciously they affect the way you feel and think about yourself.”

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Fashion and style these days has been misinterpreted. The phrase “My dress, my choice” has been misused. We constantly wonder what has become of our generation in terms of the way people perceive one another, and how we interact. Many of us normally don’t understand why people disrespect us, regardless of being “good” people, and possessing other “virtues” we may portray. We forget that how we present ourselves matters a lot, in connection to how people perceive and react towards us.

One of the most important factors in presentation is how we dress. As the writer writes: Dress how you want to be addressed. The very first impression about who we are, our character, our values and our interests can easily be translated from how we dress. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean that one has to go haute couture, but how you choose to look, with regards to decency, class & style speaks a lot about who you are.

Men, I’ve recently noticed a very sad trend. Pants are now being worn with the waistband literally below the buttocks! Why? Fashion? Identity? All this started with the pants sagging a little, then it was halfway, and now it’s literally below the buttocks! Unacceptable. Another sad trend that made me realize that some men have completely lost self respect is the “crop top”. Now to you who is wondering what in the name of fashion that is, a crop top is a casual sleeveless or short-sleeved garment or undergarment for the upper body, cut short so that it reveals the stomach, which purposely were made for women, but is now in the name of style and fashion also worn by men. These same cats still want to be taken seriously in the society. Note these are grown men, not teenagers nor prepubescent boys but full grown men who ought to be playing a leading role in society.

Ladies, why has our definition of fashionable or style been limited to tiny skirts that barely hide what’s supposed to be private, nude rompers, see-throughs and body hugging garments etc? Yet we wonder why we are not respected in the society. If our perception of sexy or beautiful, can be associated with ratchet then you’re on the wrong path. Don’t get me wrong, those are appropriate in the right situations however, the mentality of ratchet being appropriate for one to seem attractive is what’s wrong. We then shouldn’t be complaining and striving to command respect from others while self-respect is clearly missing in the picture.


Michele and Barack are the epitome of style, elegance, decency and class!

Who said wearing your pants properly is wrong? Where is it written that tucking in your shirt is boring or not for the “cool” people? No self-respecting woman would ever in her life stoop as low as to submit to a man in a crop top. Lol ! Why would she be with someone who they’d fight over clothes with? Who said that midi and maxi skirts cannot be sexy, classy, and attractive? Who told you, that a proper top is less appealing than the see through?

Our mentality on fashion and style is a complete mess in the “new” generation and as low as that is, so is the respect level towards each other. If a man has seen it all, prior to making you his, well he wouldn’t even need to work to make you his. Does anyone truly value free stuff? It’s about time we change how we dress, to be addressed in a proper manner. Don’t point a finger at the world, crying foul over its perception of who you are, and forget that four fingers are pointing back at you because of the signals you send out to the world.

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From us, with love,

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  1. The choice of clothing lies in the heart and mind of every individual. Every morning, people make a choice of what they want to wear. Over the years, things have changed. The social media and fashion world has consistently changed peoples perception when it comes to choice of clothing. Everyone has their taste in terms of fashion and style. It is important for everyone to define who they are and how they want to viewed by the wider society. Some people feel that wearing short dresses, mini skirts and sagging is swag. Really? I feel that some people have lost it all if this is the mentality. I believe that all types of clothing are good but the mistake people make is wearing the right clothing in the wrong context or for the wrong motive. For example, wearing a mini skirt to Church is completely out of order. But a married lady can wear the same in front of her husband in the house (mind you not outside the house) or in their honey moon and it is okay. I feel that the choice of dressing explains a lot of who you are even before somebody gets to know you. I agree with you that some of us have lost track but still, there is room for change. “Mind what you dress for it is a reflection of who you are.”

    Blessings to RTL. Thank you.


  2. A nice one!!

    Modest in dressing shows how valuable and sacred ones body is. Which i turn commands respect from the society. Dressing also influences how one behaves.


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