As a man thinketh, so he is

Your physical cleanliness is nothing but a mirror of your inner cleanliness”

As the writer says, “the truth hurts” but some things in life such as observation of cleanliness should never go unmentioned. We live in a society where people tend to be very ignorant when it comes to matters, cleanliness. Just because someone is smartly dressed on the outside does not necessarily mean that they observe the inward cleanliness, which is very embarrassing.

First things first, simplicity and elegance are two things that go hand in hand. Ladies want to look elegant, yet deep down they don’t know how to take good care of themselves. Ladies should be aware that keeping hair and weaves for the longest time is not healthy. At the long run they end up being stinky and no man would even want to hug them in such a state. On the other hand, men these days would rather buy expensive shoes and yet simple things such as socks become a burden for them to purchase. Repeating them becomes the order of the day. We forget that repeating our innerwear be it, lingerie, boxers, socks, vests, may result in a lot of illnesses. Fashion on the other side as we mentioned previously, has also been misinterpreted in our society. Men would rather keep dirty unkempt hair and call it fashion.

We should realize that cleanliness greatly affects the people around us. The moment we are too lazy to brush our teeth, we end up having a bad breath and also expose our dental hygiene. Substituting it with minty chewing gum will not always be of help. It never breaks a bone just to spare few minutes in the bathroom to brush your teeth. I find none beneficial at all for one to be beautiful with amazing makeup and being well dressed but people around you cannot stand your stinky breath. Using the same toothbrush for an extended period beyond that recommended by dentists also affects the effectiveness of the same and consequently dental health.

It saddens me how some people would allow themselves to be known and identified by their sweat. A shower at least once or twice a day would come in handy especially after a long day. It’s astounding how someone would wake up and pop out of the house not having thrown a bit of water on their backs for freshness’ sake! Some folks will even go an extra mile while trying to play cover up with strong perfumes and deodorants (most guys especially) just so skipping a shower will go unnoticed beneath the masquerade. Others will prefer to take very short showers, or even wetting a cloth and cleaning “the sensitive areas” they call them “passport showers”. 

Another question would be, how confident or happy are you with the state of your room? Rather would you be embarrassed to let your friends in because of the dirty state? How often do you allow your beddings get fresh air? You will find people who sleep in bed sheets that have barely seen water for a month and pillowcases that are so dirty you’ll wonder where one summons the strength to lay a head on such from! Every other day we see ourselves lining up in hospital while funny enough we are to blame for some of these illnesses because we failed to observe proper hygiene.

Our physical cleanliness mirrors our mental cleanliness. Ever heard of the saying, “As a man thinketh, so he is” well that applies in this aspect as well. The more of you cover up your filth with an illusion is how your mindset is. Correct me, if I’m wrong but cleanliness, just as intelligence, success, class, is a state of mind and funny enough, they all go hand in hand. It’s a mindset, a constant state of being. Not a destination or a stopover, but part of who you are. It should not only come when you’re in a relationship, or when you have kids, because most of us, postpone cleanliness for such stages in our lives. Let me not lie to you, if it’s not a priority right now, then it’s never going to be a mindset.

It has been said that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’, so don’t just be beautiful on the outside, yet hygiene to you is just but a vocabulary, unfathomed. It’s high time we embraced proper hygiene and learn to be clean. Makeup and perfumes are only but the icing on the cake of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

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From us, with love,

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