“First impressions are important. While a book should not be judged by its cover, many people are unlikely to read it if the cover is not inviting.”

Your clothing and your outer looks are not the only factors that determine the perception, people around you have of you. They are not the only factors that determine the first impression you make. Who you are, your personality and your character play the biggest role on what someone will go home thinking.

Many at times we forget to censor our dirty behaviors and also displeasing information about ourselves upon the first rendezvous. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should not be yourself, but be the best version of yourself, because we all have that version of us. Actually on a side note, always strive to be the best version of yourself every single day.

Back to our topic, let’s first start on language and proper speech. You might not necessarily have the most fluent English, Swahili, French or whichever language it is, be it your mother tongue but confidence in speech overshadows your shortcomings. Own your language and be confident in your words. Do not, “swallow” and hide words, don’t use incomplete sentences and always use full words and not short forms. Build your confidence but do not confuse this as to being egocentric. Avoid awkward and personal conversations (especially in official situations) or even awkward silence (certainly a disadvantage in a one on one situation). Keep it as polite as possible and trust me, if you do observe these few points, your first impression will definitely be the best anyone who’d ever meet you, have on you.


Another major factor is manners and etiquette. How you present yourself in terms of how you carry yourself has a critical impact on how people perceive upon meeting you. It is said that: “Whatever makes an impression on the heart, seems lovely in the eye” The only thing that makes an impression on the heart is character, and that adds to the physical. A displeasing character and personality do damage on one’s physical appearance funny enough. One could have features of the most beautiful/handsome woman/man but seems so repulsive in other people’s eyes. An attractive character makes one attractive in all aspects, and that’s what many of us, (both men and women) lack especially in this new generation.
Remember to keep the classless behaviors packed so far away, which means, one should be aware of how they eat, in case you are actually eating, stick to small bites and make sure your manners are in check. Do not speak while eating, keep your mouth area clean. It sounds absurd, but the small characteristics and traits actually make the biggest impacts. Self-respect goes a long way and makes others respect you. Treat and present yourself with dignity, and it shall be reciprocated.

Keep in mind that the first impression is the absolute last impression and there is no second chance on that. One cannot revert the very first impression one makes. One might say that they could care less about what people think or perceive of them, but bear in mind that it’s not only for the sake of others but most importantly yourself. Bad impressions might just limit your chances of getting to certain levels because people cannot tolerate certain characteristics in you. At the end of the day, dressing appropriately, speaking well and polishing your character and/or personality does more good to you than it actually does to the world. Remember, we all need other people to succeed in this world. Do not forget to be yourself either, stay as natural and as comfortable as possible while maintaining the best version of yourself.

Keep reading, keep sharing ans keep commenting!

From us, with love,


  1. Yes…. Awesomely written
    Gotta stay sharp and classy always…..
    I love this line “The only thing that makes an impression on the heart is character, and that adds to the physical. A displeasing character and personality do damage on one’s physical appearance funny enough”


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