The best is yet to come

“I am a work in progress and every day is a day at the construction site, I have to keep building, keep working and making every day a mission of getting to be the best version of myself”

How many times do we wake up, hoping to be the better version of ourselves? It is so unfortunate we are in a generation where phones are the first things that come to mind the moment we wake up. Meditations and self-analysis are no longer part of people’s mind because we are so keen to run to social media and see what people are doing with their lives instead of working to make ours better by the day. We have to dwell so much in how others are making themselves better, thus forgetting the capability in which we have individually as well.

What you choose to do with the 24 hours given to you today is what will speak for you in the near future as well as in the long run. Questions such as “Where was I?”, “How did he/she manage at such a young age?”, “What are his secrets?”, should never be part of us if we have a mindset that is ever positive and is always willing to continuously make improvements on who we are.


Individual growth and daily progress and development is a continuous process. It requires discipline and certain characteristics which are such as:

  1. Complementing and constructively criticizing and evaluating always – Learn to give yourself credit for an achievement in life no matter how small it may seem, also keep looking for ways you could have done better and work towards achieving that the next time. This way you do not only encourage yourself but also, improve your skills, habits, and abilities.
  2. Steer clear of anger – Try as much as you can to void anger because it denies us self-peace and a short temper only leads to destruction.
  3. Practice integrity – This is a virtue that aids in proper morality
  4. Listen to others – Wisdom is not measured in the quantity of your speech but in the quality of it. The quality of your speech can only increase in value once you practice how to listen more than you talk. Remember, you were given two ears and one mouth and this is to listen more and talk less.
  5. Be yourself – Never try to be someone who you are not because that will be a waste of time. Yet again, why would you want to be a copy and miss out on being an original?
  6. Encourage positivity – Positive minded people always make higher steps because they can never be pulled down by negative vibes.
  7. Face your fears – We can never be perfect but facing our fears makes us overcome our obstacles in life. You can run but you can’t hide. Eventually, you’ll have to face your fear, so the earlier the better and on your own terms.

The most encouraging thing is that becoming the better version of oneself does not happen overnight, it takes a number of setbacks, broken trust, deals gone wrong, opportunities missed etc. but also takes courage, determination, hard work, perseverance, and patience.

We simply need to maintain the winning spirit in us and eventually things will work out. Keep pushing, keep trying because at the end of the day it all depends on the individual’s will power.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting

From us, with love,

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