Parenthood has no manual

“Love your parents and treat them with loving care, for you will only know their value when you see an empty chair”

Parents are probably the most prized possessions in our lives seeing that we are all on earth because of them. However, at some stages in life, as in all relationships, we tend to disagree, with our parents. We often forget that they too are human and are bound to make mistakes just as we do. Therefore we as children (no matter how old) should try to understand that they are doing it for the first time (regardless of how many children your parents have, each child is different, not all children can be raised the exact same way). What applies to you cannot and will not apply to your sister and once you understand this, then you will be able to cut your parents some slack.

There is no handbook/manual to parenting and for some, it truly does hit them by surprise. Some are forced to become parents while others just have to adjust. The fact is, nobody is ever 100% ready to become a parent, so it does not help giving your parents a hard time especially when you’re grown. Many of us are never a bother to our parents until we get to a certain age, where we actually can differentiate right from wrong. Thing is, we fail to understand that some choices our parents make are “wrong” (in our eyes) but on the other hand, what we can see while standing up is not even an inch of what our parents can see while they’re seated.

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Some of the choices our parents make for us at times might not go in accord with what we may think is right but in the long run, we’ll eventually understand. However, that should not cause havoc.

Blessings come from honoring your parents, and I know this is the case in every religion, belief, society, culture, and tradition. For instance in the law of karma, how you treat your parents will eventually be how your children treat you. Truth is, honoring your parents is a source of eternal blessings upon your life and in certain cultures and traditions, respecting your parents is the highest level of respect one can offer. The point still remains, one needs to learn how to treat their parents regardless of what and however they are because it’s not a reflection on them but on you. This does not mean that you necessarily have to agree with everything and anything, but do not disregard them, even when you feel the need to correct them or voice out your opinion. I was once told, to respect my parents if for no other reason, for the fact that they brought me to this earth and that by itself will make me attain greatness. If you understand this, then I know you will be able to change how you view, react, love and respect your parents. Let not society cheat and deceive you otherwise. Let not the 21st Century make that any different because remember it’s all on you!


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