Focus on the AUCs and your ABCs shall follow suit

You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go of what you can’t control and focus on what you can.

It’s not everything in your life that you can have absolute control over. There are certain situations that are beyond our control which we need to let go, because time will either, heal, fix or sort them out. Mostly in our lives, we tend to worry more about what we can’t control more than that which we can control. This happens especially when we think of the perception the world has on us, for example how people think about us, how they feel about how we do things, what people will say, whether people like us and so on.  Rather than minding our actions; what we do and say, how we behave, our character etc. which are in our power to control.

However, at times we tend to be too worried about the reception more than our projection. We should be focusing on how to change what we project. The message we receive from the world is out of our control and we can do nothing about it.  But the message we give to the world is perfectly under our control and we are therefore responsible for every impression it creates.  If you have an examination and you have prepared very well by reading and revising real good, you are sure you did your part really well, and during the examination you present your points very well, but after you leave the examination room, you start wondering if the examiner will understand your points of view and whether he will give you good grades.


This is where I’d love to introduce the terms AUC’s and ABC’s (Inspired by “YvetteKiku” on snapchat) Areas Under your Control and Areas Beyond Your Control. The fact is, you’re preparing for the examination and writing all your points was the area under your control, but worrying yourself whether the examiner will understand your point is an area beyond your control.  So, whether you worry yourself to death, you cannot change the results he’s going to give you. Because ABCs are areas we cannot do anything about.  Note that many at times, the pre-worries of the results interfere with our preparations which lead to poor performance and eventually give poor results.  Many people carry around with them great business ideas which are never implemented. Not because they lacked the potential, but because the worries of the outcome/results cannot allow them to put their ideas into practice. Others may be fearing what the world will say if they started and the business failed.

Just like a student going for an exam. If he/she prepares and does well in the AUC, then the ABC will have no other option than to yield to the effort that he/she has made. On the other hand, the man with the great business ideas.  If the business ideas are excellently implemented without the worries of the outcome, you can imagine how many more successful and great businesses there could be.  Always remember, the areas we can control(AUCs), will impact the areas beyond our control (ABCs) either positively or negatively.  So, concentrate more on the AUC.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,

8 thoughts on “Focus on the AUCs and your ABCs shall follow suit

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  1. Nkatha,This is absolutely incredible work that we should actually focus what is in our ability to influence and capacitate,In business it perhaps involves the micro factors that influence a business activity but Vicky I want to actually say that you are destined for Success,to have a positive impact in peoples lives both the young and the aged in Kenya,Africa and I believe,the whole world.Vicky,I’m watching as you make steps to empowering,inspiring and motivating people from all walks of life
    I’m watching!


  2. Vicky,your dream is being actualized by the incredible work that you are doing.I want to promise you just like Martin Luther King Jr. did to the Americans when he said that he has a dream of America living as family in disregard of their ethical boundaries,I now promise you that Vicky Nkatha I have a dream that through your works,motivational programmes and activities that you will be be able to inspire ,empower and motivate the people of Kenya,Africa and the world as a whole.
    We are watching!


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