The demons in me, influence the world around me

“If you fail to acknowledge the areas in which you fall short in, you can never change, don’t be your own EOP”

Correction is a key part of life and he that heads to correction is wise. However, once the correction is made yet you turn a deaf ear to the correction, then you can be corrected 20 times and still repeat the same mistake 21 times. Not because you cannot hear, but the correction simply goes in one ear and gets out the other.

Speaking out of experience, you can never see any change in any aspect of your life, neither can you make progress if you do not change and cast out your inner demons. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you are possessed by any supernatural evil, but you simply have negative aspects in your personality which might be the source of your limitation. Too quick are we, to call other people “enemies of progress (EOPs)” or even declare that there are EOPs working against you, once we see things go haywire, however, have you ever sat down to think about you being your own EOP? No? Yes? Maybe? Well, let me give you 5 minutes to process that.

This might come as a shock to you, or you may have heard this before, but not unless you acknowledge the fact that, you actually have a problem, then you cannot make any progress in life, neither can you change. Not unless you realize that you are your own EOP then you can not break the cycle of limitation. Therefore, correction can never be useful to you no matter how many times you are corrected, and that in itself is a small demon because that is the attitude of one who has an unteachable spirit.

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Here is how you know that, you’re your own EOP:

  1.  More than one person has informed you about a negative behavior in you repeatedly yet, you seem not to understand. Pay extra attention, if more  than two people of these people are close to you.
  2. Anything you try to do on your own never works out.
  3. Everyone complains about how big headed you are. Not in a constructive manner, but in a destructive way (You want things done only your way, you don’t accept anyone’s opinions neither do you see things in different perspectives) 

Where there is a will, there is a way and where there is a problem, there is “always” a solution. Being your own EOP is not a matter that can’t be resolved. However, many of us either tend not to attain our full potential in life, or even realize too late, but to all our readers, we hope that this transforms you, sooner than later.

  1. Clear your mind and make sure you get a day, two or even a week or a month to search yourself and actually reflect on who you are, your personality, your goals, basically everything that makes you. Simply define yourself and understand who you are.
  2. Reflect over the many corrections you have received recently and connect that to the type of person you are, It might be one thing, it might be a few, but make sure you find a link between the correction and you (especially if it’s something that has been repeated)
  3. Take note of whether or not it has affected your life and if it has, is it positive or negative? If it has had a negative influence then what steps are going to take to make things positive?
  4. Make sure you don’t let the fact that you are “changing” get into you, also remember not to make an excuse for your actions because of “who you are/was”, (this will have a negative effect where you take a step forward and two steps back) but make sure you stick to the steps inasmuch as at times you might FALL (keyword)!

Repeat this from time to time and I promise you, once you deal with the inner you, everything outside world will have no effect on your life and your progress.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,

12 thoughts on “The demons in me, influence the world around me

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  1. Hello,humans have double signs like a coin, which for us it is good and bad. Well, bad and good side of humans is emulated by various factors :
    1)the environment which you are situated in. This is mainly if you mostly in an area of high violence with time you tend to adopt some of the violent behavior it may be full blown or mild.
    2) Association with various people around you.If people around you have negative vibes you tend to emulate the negative side and verse versa.
    So just be sure of the two factors and thus know ever human has his or her own demons it’s how you control them is what is most important.


  2. Vicky at it again,the article some how taught me something new i didnt know actually about how life really operates.I really appreciatr that Vicky.
    Aye,vicky my diplomat!
    Im still watching you 😎😎


  3. Really inspiring I should say. Thank you for opening our eyes as readers. This is a topic that has got me thinking. Thank you and God bless.


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