I don’t care what they say. It’s just who I am

“Life is too short to care about what people think.”

This is the misconception that most of us have whenever we are posting our information on our social media platforms and presenting ourselves to the world. We often declare “This is the real me” yet we forget that there is a thin line between realness and ratchet-ness.

Life today revolves around social media. If someone is interested in you, they will look up your facebook, Instagram, and snapchat, to know more about your interests, your character. Are you an every weekend party animal? Are you God-fearing? Do you curse? How do you dress? Do you like pets. In a nutshell, what kind of a person are you? It’s sad to say but these and more are some of the things that get portrayed from one’s social media. One might argue and say that, you only let the world see what you want it to see and not the “real you.” Well truth be told, none of us post our bad sides on social media, we all post the good, or what we believe is the best version of ourselves, depending on who we relate with. This varies from person to person and it’s okay since we are all different.
This, however, does not only count when it comes to the person who has a special interest towards us, but also, potential friends and even employers. Do you know that today, some I explore your social media profiles to find out the kind of person you are? Many of us are “jobless”, not because we are unqualified for the job in question, but because “behind closed doors” aside from your CV, your personality and character traits do not fit into the ideal candidate your employer is looking for.

I love using the phrase “Being your own enemy of progress!” because for many of us, our “don’t care” attitude, is what limits us from moving forward with our lives. Don’t get me wrong though, thinking too much about what other people think of you, ultimately changes and/or limits what you think of yourself. If that changes/gets limited, you eventually become a puppet and a flag blown by the wind which is the opinions of others. Life is sadly propelled by the opinions of others towards you. For instance, your business is propelled by the customer’s feedback of your product. Your relationship is propelled by the opinion of your partner. The stability of your job is propelled by your employer’s opinion of you. Therefore in many aspects we need to realize that the “don’t care attitude” is ineffective when we consider the real world and as such, we need to be careful (especially on our social media platforms) of what we portray.

Filter yourself and be selective of what you portray to the world. No, you are not hiding who you are, you are simply portraying your value and your dignity and your self-worth by selecting wisely what to post about self. We should have some mystery of who we are right? Let someone going through your profile get more attracted and curious to know more. Do not have a profile that puts off someone by the first post they come across. Do not abide by the “don’t care” attitude because that might just be you redirecting your success and destiny to failure and misery.

Remember! dignity and respect is a valuable asset in life and it is two way. When you carry yourself with respect, people will have no problem in respecting you. When you find it hard for people to respect you on social media, just try and re-examine yourself and you will find that the point where you lost respect for yourself, that’s when you experience a respect erosion from the public. Retrack!!

Keep reading, keep watching, keep sharing and keep commenting.

From us, with love,

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