Ce n’est pas un mode de vie

“People get famous now for I-don’t-know-what. They become very successful and they generate a lot of money. And it’s multiplying, to where you’re literally looking into your next door neighbor’s bathroom with reckless abandon. It is like watching a fire. You can’t take your eyes off of it”

Society has drastically changed through the years. Gone are the days, where we were interested in beneficial news, rather what excites the majority, are the gossips of people’s lives especially the celebrities, of whom we barely have access to. We no longer celebrate the beneficial factors of society, such as academic achievements or extraordinary talents, what we celebrate are non-beneficial factors such as light skinned girls/men who have an attractive physique. By attractive physique, I mean heavily endowed.

The rich and famous are no longer people who are well educated or genuinely talented, No, the who and who of society today, are the likes of Kim Kardashian (USA), Verah Sidika (Kenya), Bobrisky (Nigeria), just to name a few, wealthy simply because they use their bodies, to crawl up the ladder of fame and wealth. You might think that this is all on them, but NO! It’s our fault. We have given such people so much attention that we have forgotten what truly is meaningful.
The African culture, that once was so rich in morals and discipline is slowly deteriorating in such, simply because every lady looks up to to the likes of the above mentioned and other “socialites” that they would disregard proper education, upright bringing to sort out fame, “success” and wealth in obscene ways.”Slay queens and kings” trapped by society’s idea of “success”. Even men as well have sadly been caught up in this web. They no longer work hard. Everyone wants that fast track to wealth and would do absolutely anything to get there. 


We have ignored the people who represent true values and morals, we have ignored the smart and hardworking people. Not necessarily the book smart, but the social smart as well. Ladies and gents, it’s about time we look for better role models, actually be your own role model and keep intact the morals you have been raised with. Do not turn your attention to the ways of others because 80% of those “on top of their game” went through the back door. Those who sneak in through the back door are bound to get caught eventually. Why not go through the front door, with all the obstacles you might face, regardless of how many times, you try to push it open, and you fail, I promise you that once that door opens up, it will never shut on you again, You’ll freely walk in and out as you please.

I have read so many articles on this topic, yet we seem not to find a solution. Yet we all agree to the fact that: Ce ñ’est pas un mode de vie (This is not a way of life) Neither for us, nor the generation to come! Why don’t we start by taking a step back and re-examine the people we have chosen to be the faces of society? From whichever country you are reading this article, think of the young “celebrities” in your society, do they bring more to the table than their physique, constant travel, constant show off of their “wealth” and numerous club visits? No, then find other people to celebrate. Because these are the people your children will look up to. You might know better but they will not! If nothing happens, your children will be born in a society where he or she will know that it’s okay to have no integrity whatsoever, in exchange for wealth and fame. Let that sink in, just for a moment. You might say that, you’ll impact your children differently, however, in this digital world, the outside world, has more influence on us, than those around us, and with technology getting more and more advanced, that not getting any better. One person can create a ripple effect such that change begins. Don’t point a finger at society and its flaws, rather use your power to create the change you need.

Keep reading, keep watching, keep sharing and keep commenting.

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11 thoughts on “Ce n’est pas un mode de vie

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  1. Nice piece Vee.
    Its very true,whatever we see in the society Currently,Mostly among the young and in some cases,even our peers.
    But the most important thing is what we should do about it.And it begins by oneself.Wonderful !

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  2. Just a heads up, I got the whole post in my email. This might affect your traffic on your blog site cause I don’t have to visit your link cause I already have it all on my email

    Miss Milly


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