“If you spend your time hurting over someone for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind. You’re allowing them to have too much control over your life, which is unnecessary”

Betrayal has a way of turning into an opportunity and a good thing. Today’s topic is not addressing how you should pick yourself up, after betrayal, but how you shouldn’t even experience any setback instead, see a positive opportunity in something meant to bring you down.  It’s a different perspective.

The fact that we bond with different people every single day, makes it easy for us to have expectations to those around us. However at times, some people betray us, and we also betray others, not because we wish to do so, but because it’s human nature. It’s inevitable to be on either side of the coin. As a victim, we often react the “natural” way. We get disappointed, frustrated and often even, heart-broken.  It’s not until it’s too late, that we rise up and move forward. That should not be the case. Think about this, If Judas, never betrayed Jesus, we wouldn’t have Christians. Once I understood this, I stopped crying and sulking over those who betrayed me. Some people need to betray you so as to push you towards your destiny. Not only that, but you might think you’re being betrayed into a worse situation that what you might be going through yet the greatest breakthroughs come from the toughest situations.

For lack of a better example, I would love to use the story of Jesus again. He was betrayed and sold to His enemies. He was doomed to death and through his death, came his resurrection and therefore salvation. Think about yourself as a seed, when anyone tries to bury you, you are not supposed to stay in the ground and decay, you are supposed to sprout out and germinate.

Understand this as well, to be able to move on the right path at times, you need to be betrayed so as to see that you’re either on the wrong path or you’re not at all where you’re supposed to be. Sometimes some people betray you simply because it was their time to exit your life. We tend to keep people in our lives for too long even after they’ve shown signs of being “unworthy” and the only way they can exit is if they betray you. Not because they (always) do it intentionally but it was just that time. So if you spend your time hurting over someone for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind. You’re allowing them to have too much control over your life, which is unnecessary especially if you can do better without them.

Therefore lovely readers, we at Responding to Life, would love to encourage you not to take betrayal as a negative thing in life anymore. The aim of someone with the purpose of betraying you is to put you down and their joy comes from their success. Remember, you are a seed, germinate. Generate your strength and nutrients from your positivity. Let that be your motivation. You need to get better opportunities because maybe that path you were taking, was not the right one, or even that person’s time was up and they had to exit. Do not sulk over who has done what against you, rather raise your head even higher, to see that door or that window of opportunity prior to it shutting on you!

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Responding To Life.

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  1. nicepost Vee. I must say im really inspired by this.


  2. A beautiful one. Just as ussual. 💞💞



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