The art of communication

“Communicate, even when it’s uncomfortable or uneasy. of the best ways to save a relationship or a situation is through speaking it all out.”

Communication is defined as the exchange of information between a sender and a receiver, and the inference of meaning between the individuals. We use communication in different ways but at times the absence of communication results to a lot of problems, like for example misunderstanding.  The absence of communication often leads to assumptions which can be misleading and interfere with our perception towards others, especially those we love.

This often happens in relationships. Parent to child, friendships or even intimate relationships. Your partner might come home late one day, due to one delay or another and due to lack of communication especially in a repeated situation, your mind would only conclude that they are cheating or doing anything foul which could result in tension and/or a separation.
Why? Simply because both parties have failed to communicate. The one coming home late is at fault since they have not made their partner aware of the fact that they would be late. The other partner is also at fault because, instead of inquiring of where and why they come home late, they choose to stick to their assumptions.

Another example would be, if your parent or a friend asks you to fulfill a task which you complete and instead of you notifying them of the completion of the task you stay silent, they could easily assume that you haven’t completed it, that’s if they do not ask either.

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These two examples show us how easy it is for us to burn bridges and break relationships, not because of our shortcomings, but because we lack communication. We experience relationship breakups simply because we don’t correct those close to us in fear of negative reactions. With that, you create a problem with someone internally and start behaving differently because of your assumptions and lack of communication.

We all portray positive qualities however, we find ourselves breaking relationships, burning bridges and even constantly in conflict with parents, siblings and/or relatives because we either lack or don’t know how to communicate. Many of us claim, that there are things which are “unnecessary” to notify others about. We ignore the fact that in a relationship, the smallest factor might have the greatest impact on the direction of the relationship. Communication is easy, and it’s better to speak it all out than have little to no communication at all.

Try communicating and I promise you that, you might just salvage situations of which you may have lost all hope on. Some things might just not be as you assume they are. You may be surprised.

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