Consistent action creates consistent results

“The best part about winning an award for something you love doing is the fact that someone else recognizes the passion that you have towards your art” 

Today’s post is full of emotion and thanksgiving. Our journey began September 2016, with a vision and mission to empower, inspire and motivate people’s lives and ever since then we have reached over 7000 individuals. Almost every week, Responding To Life has worked towards publishing a post, not only for the sake but with the intent of touching someone’s life, and changing someone’s situation.

We have worked towards making a positive impact in the lives of people all across the globe and we do believe that we are well on our way to impacting millions. Throughout the first year, we have grown from not only posting drafts but also doing youtube videos on our channel. We have also had one on one with our readers through our social media accounts, email, and WhatsApp messages. Responding To Life is celebrating its first birthday and what better way than to win “Youth of the Year” award at the African Women in Europe (AWE) Awards in Berlin this past weekend. Yes! we won, thanks to all our readers!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-26 at 10.49.51

Our focus is solely on fulfilling our mission in people’s lives and making a difference in our generation. If we can do it, then you can do it as well. It is not too late, neither is it too early to make a difference as well. To all our readers, make sure you do what you love, and stay consistent. Consistency is key, do not start something and stop in the middle but be faithful and consistent in everything and you indeed shall reap the fruit of your labor. This is just but the beginning. It encourages us as well to keep doing what we do as we are on the right path.

So kindly don’t hesitate to follow us on all our social media platforms and follow our blog so as not to miss out on any of our posts.

Don’t hesitate to share and let’s keep the train of inspiration going.

Keep reading, keep watching, keep sharing and keep commenting.

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

4 thoughts on “Consistent action creates consistent results

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  1. Congratulations💞💞🎉🎊🎖🎖 responding to life. Great job, you have not only inspired but you have transformed many of us. Keep on winning. 🇰🇪🇩🇰 More strength!!!


  2. Amazing and again congratulations with the award. Serving people or helping them find their way is the best gift to have or achieve and keep doing what you are doing.


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