Your life’s best teacher

“Mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating”

Making a mistake is not fatal, however, failing to learn from one’s mistake is. We are all human therefore, we are bound to make at least (If you’re absolutely special) one mistake throughout our lives.
Making that mistake is not fatal, it’s not bad because it is inevitable, but not learning from the mistake is what makes it wrong. With learning, comes the ability not to repeat it again.
Let me give you an example of an intimate relationship (I love using these because there are so many factors to determine and also a lot to learn from them). You might hear your partner keep complaining about the fact that you keep repeating the same mistake over and over again: for instance, you come home late without communicating to your significant other your whereabouts and/or the fact that you would be late. This happened once and maybe your partner warned you about it, yet you did not heed to their correction. The same act becomes habitual. It’s not the act that will make your partner leave, but the repetition and lack of respect and learning.

At times, we are corrected by our parents, partners, and friends, but instead of listening to we ignore the correction, therefore keep hurting them or even destroying our own character since we keep doing bad things. It’s never the mistake that’s the problem, because everyone around us, will understand that we are bound to fall once in a while but not in the same act. A character is built from the mistakes we make based on how we are after the mistake. It is either we will learn from it and become people or fail to learn and make even worse mistakes.

Sadly the majority go through the latter and find themselves sinking deeper into a dark hole. Take for instance the example of you coming home late and failed to learn, over time, you will come home late and drunk, and if you still don’t learn you might not even come home for a day or two, thus creating an unresolvable situation which may lead to a divorce. If you heeded to the first and/or the second you would have not come home late again without a proper reason or without communicating and you would not be tempted to make bad decisions.

Dear readers, it’s about time we sit back and reevaluate our lives because it’s better late than never. Take time to find out what it is you keep doing wrong and salvage it. Learn from your mistakes before they become fatal to your relationship with your significant other, parents, children, friends or even yourself. The more we learn, the wiser we become, always keep this in mind.

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Responding To Life.

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