What did I learn in 2017?

Happy new year 2018″

What is a new year without thinking and pondering over the failures and successes of the previous year? What is a new year without thinking about what you learned from the previous year? To make the new year and your life different you need to look back and meditate not only the good and the wins but also the bad and the lessons. This is what I learned from 2017.

Consistency is key: Consistent actions yield consistent results. One of the most important things that I learned in the past year, was the fact that, without consistency, I would generate little to no results at all. My results would not be up to a satisfactory level which is unacceptable. Therefore as I venture into the new year, I do hope and believe that consistency is one of the things that I will hold on to, not only in terms of my art but also in all aspects on my life. Will you join me?

Patience is a virtue that not many have: If you will stay consistent, you need to learn how to master patience. Results will not be attained within a day and so as to get to where you want and need to be, you have to be patient. Some results take months, some years and others even a decade but that does not mean that you will not get there. Patience is a virtue that many of us need to get and master. Not only in terms of reaching your goals but also with those around us. Sometimes people will step on our toes and others might be too slow to keep up with us, and for that as well dear reader, you need patience.

Motivation from within empowers what’s on the outside: Often many tend to feel too hard to wake up in the morning to keep going, keep pushing and keep on working, but this is because we often let our bodies rule over our spirit. You are okay with skipping a day of school, a day of work. You are fine with not releasing a new song when the last you did was over 6 months ago. You keep procrastinating simply because you feel like today is not the day. Your body is a bit too tired or you’re just not in the mood but you have the zeal within you, you’re just letting the body overpower that. It’s about time you teach your spirit how to quicken your body. No, you are not getting 5 more minutes to sleep. No, you have to publish your book by the end of the month. Motivate yourself to keep marching on towards your destiny. Let your spirit be stronger than your body and/or emotions. Let it take charge. I learned this the hard way and slowly I stuck to it. It’s a work in progress but I will get there, are you ready to do the same?

Do not rely on people more than you rely on God: People are bound to break your heart and disappoint you but God will not. The favor of the Lord upon your life is so great that in the eyes of men, you are more than a conqueror. The moment you choose to step out of that favor so as to please man or rather rely on and be dependent of man, God takes a step back because He very well knows that the ways of man are not always the pleasing and trustworthy. 2017 taught me to never allow anyone drag me to be independent of God and be dependent on them because that’s when I step out of my destiny and lose my track. I hope you, that have been disappointed before by man, will turn to God and seek His favor and be dependent on him.

Everyone who is with you is not for you: Not everyone who is by your side is for your side. I learned in 2017 that one thing I need to seek is a discerning spirit. A spirit that will make me know those who are for me and those who are not. Understand this, the people you keep around you will either lead you safely to your goals and destiny or make you never reach your destiny. It’s the sad truth but if you do not have a discerning spirit, one of the ways to make sure you are somewhat safe, is by making sure your friends and your circle are not based on quantity but quality.

Things change and plans get disrupted: Change is inevitable and what things might not always go as you have planned. There are so many factors to life that can influence your plans, but this does not mean that they should come to a halt. The best thing you can do is embrace the change and adjust to it. Utilize it to your advantage and pave your way from the change so as to get to your destination.

Giving up is not an option: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Giving up should not even be a phrase in your dictionary. Keep pushing, keep fighting because, at the end of every dark tunnel, I promise you there is a great reward and a shining light.

We hope that this gives you the motivation to stay winning this year. We hope that it changes your perspective not only for this year but also for life in general.

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.




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