“I can’t control what people do or say against me, but I can control how I react and how I let it affect me” 

It’s Monday and you woke up in a very good mood, ready and to tackle the day and the week ahead. You were filled with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm over what this day and this week would bring. Everything looks good, the weather seems just right. You get to class/work, and you even joke a bit with your colleagues. Do you know those people who just take jokes a bit too far into an insult? This specific person’s comment just triggers you to a reaction, a negative one at that ‘til you wonder how the sunshine turned into grey skies in a matter of milliseconds.

At times you might wake up on a positive note and with the mind of being productive and proper but you continuously meet people who want to trigger you into a reaction or into negativity!

Sometimes you have to command that negativity off of your system! SATAN NOT TODAY!
Too many times, we let people get to us and influence our behavior, our thoughts, and our speech. At times how we react to people because of how much they poke can be justified but at the same time, I tell you that nobody should have so much power over you to make you act/speak/behave out of character.

On a normal day, that would affect my whole mood and how I tackle things until another ray of sunshine would occur. This is exactly how the majority tackle life. At times, bad days are there because you let your day, mood and actions, be influenced by external factors. You let that one situation influence how you speak to everyone else around you. You get home, you vent out on your wife/husband/children/parents/siblings simply because a colleague, a classmate, a friend chose to say something wrong or another stepped on your toes. Nobody, absolutely nobody should have so much power to influence you and your behavior.

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I personally learned this the hard way especially living in a different where the culture is different from what I was born into, and the predominant race is not identical to mine. There are always individuals who would want to use certain things against you some of which you cannot change. Some others just poke far to close to something personal or rather sensitive and in as much as this is easier said than done, it’s part of Responding To Life. Sometimes, we need not give people the benefit of rejoicing over the fact that they got to trigger a nerve or two. Sometimes, what would stop certain people is an unexpected calm and collected response.

You cannot always control what people say or do but you absolutely can control how you react and how and to what extent you let their words affect you. It’s that easy because the more you let negativity harbor in your heart, the more it affects you and the bitter you become as an individual. Once you learn how to let your personal positivity, invest in it and make it grow and flow from within, I promise, there is no external factor that can influence your emotions.

I repeat, let no one in this world, possess the power of toying around with your emotions. You are the only one who should have that power, to switch on and off at your convenience! Let no one turn your days, weeks, months or years into darkness. Let your light shine bright!

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

2 thoughts on “Satan, NOT TODAY!

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  1. Hello fellow bloggers, once again this an amazing blog that shows you should at least see the power in you to make you proper decision for your better tomorrow whatever the environment you put in. Lastly “the brain is your greatest weapon as a being” and the Lord gave us the ability to distinguish evil and good at any time or situation.
    Days of our lives


  2. Hhmmm! This is soo beautiful. This is the most imbalanced area in many today. We are dependant on external comments and informations that we allow to shape our tomorrow. At times it can be two way, the deminishing comments and the fake applousals/acknowledgements which defines us wrongly. If we take in much of this, it will affect our future negatively because we dont get the chance to discover who or what we are really made of. We also are not able to unrap our true destiny rather, we spend most of our future trying to figure ourselves out or place ourselves where we belong. At times some grow old before being able to live their destined life, just because we never trusted ourselves but chose to trust the external deposits. The power to choose our destiny lies within us, we only need to realise it, activate it and empower it to shred everything that does not contribute to our development. The earlier the better. The stories of great people doing extra ordinally, are always intertwined with the strong personality/character that overcame all early challenges and ignored fake acknowledgements. This is a person that trust their inner ability and stands by it no matter what.
    👏👏You are doing a very good job Victoria👏👏


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