Quality over Quantity

“As you grow older, you get to realize that quality beats quantity. This applies to a lot of aspects. What’s the quality of your friend circle? What’s the quality of your work?”

There are so many things that I have learnt over the past two months and I think the next few posts will be inspired by that. First of all, Happy Birthday to Responding To Life, yet again. Two years ago a vision became a reality, and ever since then, I haven’t looked back but for more, you’ll have to wait for next week’s post.

One of the things that I learnt, is the fact that quality absolutely beats quantity. Sadly life has a way of making us realize certain things a bit too late and no matter how many times you try to teach someone that this is the way, we tend not to learn, until we experience. Well, I got my own share of it.

Your friend circle means a lot and one thing that I can tell you and constantly keep repeating for the rest of my life is that IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MANY FRIENDS YOU HAVE, WHAT MATTERS IS THE WORTH OF THE FEW THAT YOU HAVE! I need you to say this to yourself and repeat it!
The quality of those around you will influence you as a person, it will shape your character, it will shape your destiny! The quality of those around you will determine how many disappointments you’ll have in life, it will determine how much good or bad times you will have in your life!

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The same thing applies to your work situation, your education and every other decision you make in regard to your life, to who you are and who you want to be!
Quality always beats quantity! It doesn’t matter how many jobs you have had but what is the quality of what you have done? It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have had, but the quality of your degrees. I know so many individuals who have up to 4 degrees but cannot accomplish a thing with them because of the fact that they are degrees which cannot amount to so much in the world we live in right now.

A better example would be social media today and the number of followers, some of us would do anything to get a lot of followers on social media, but then there is no value to the quantity. 100k followers with a. profile engagement level of a couple of hundreds yet one with a couple of thousands with a profile engagement level of approximately a thousand or more. Put this into a real life situation, one would have over 100 friends yet the engagement level (people who they can count on) is at 3 or 2 while another has 20 friends and can count on 19.

Make sure in all that you do, you choose QUALITY.
A quality job, a quality education, quality friends! Make sure that you choose right according to who you want to be and who you are. Create an environment that is favourable towards your growth and stability. You might not always get it 100% right but make sure that the greater percentage is to your advantage.

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Responding To Life.

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