Easy come, easy go

“What comes easy will not last, what lasts, does not come easy”

More often than not, we desire to live life on the fast lane, get money fast, get a boyfriend/girlfriend fast, do things right there and then, not caring about who we hurt in the process or how we get it in the first place. The world is full of “get rich quick schemes”, “Find a partner offers” and “Fix your weight quick” solutions which everyone is hurrying to get to. The doors to those quick fixes are very full of people who desire such…while the doors which seem to be the long route are quite empty.
I am shocked at the multitudes of individuals who even opt for shorter/quicker solutions such as paying others to study for them and eventually getting a degree based on someone else’s effort.

Let me tell you something, what comes easy does not last, and what lasts definitely won’t come easy. In any aspect of life. A good example would be the individuals in the dating scene today. Many would rather go for other people’s partners, rather than find their own. Yet they wonder why their relationships do not last, or better yet, they are surprised when the same partner, moves on to the next.
Another would be the fact that you easily get money through scamming others, stealing or even fast money schemes yet you become surprised when that money doesn’t last. You go for a fat reduction but your habits are still the same yet you are shocked over a weight gain over 2 months! You flirt and eventually sleep with your boss, to get your promotion, yet you are the first to raise alarm when you get fired within a short time.

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Be real with yourself, a quick fix won’t cut it, get up and get over yourself. Nobody is holding you back apart from yourself! Those 5 years in school will probably generate more than you expect. That time you take focusing on yourself and working towards finding the right one will create a foundation of respect and value in your future relationship. Be patient and stay on the lookout for who BELONGS TO YOU! That gym, and diet that you fright so much, is probably the answer to a long-lasting, weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, START TODAY! Your skills will earn you your promotion, or better yet, a better job, maintain your integrity and TRUST THE PROCESS!

Easy come easy go. Remember this in all that you do. The value of what you have is measured and gained by the amount of time you have spent toiling to get it! There is a sense of pride and value in buying your car from your hard earned money. Earning money from a job you know you are doing, because of your skill set and competence. Getting a degree by sitting through your classes and examinations. Bottom line, whatever took you time to get, will last long! And will pay off in the end!

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  1. Great piece. These are simple things that people overlook, yet they carry so much weight. Keep up the good work. And your writing is top-notch.


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