Hope, Faith and Courage

“Hope is wishing something would happen, Faith is believing somethings will happen, courage is making something happen” 

Before I started Responding To Life, I was hopeful that something would happen in my life. I was at a point in life where I was not acting but more hopeful and believing that there would be a change in what at the moment was a tough situation. We all go through those, yes? We all have our moments. Moments where nothing is moving forward or even in any direction at all. You feel stagnant and to some extent as if you’re just existing instead of living. I used to wake up, do what I was “supposed to do” and get back home and repeat every single day and to a point, it just became draining. A draining energy, letting life control me, instead of me controlling my own life.

There is always that feeling where you know that something needs to happen. You know that something will happen but all you do is wait for that something to find you and transform everything in your life. Most of us, just sit back waiting for that miracle or rather that life-changing moment hoping and believing that it would eventually come instead of making it happen. 

Most of the time, it’s not because we cannot make out life-changing decisions but we’re scared of breaking the “status-quo” and getting out of our comfort zone. We are scared of the unknown and taking that leap of faith. Most of us would rather wait for the unknown to find us instead of stepping into that zone. But isn’t life too short for that? Isn’t life too short to sit back and just wait? If you don’t take risks then what exactly are you living for? This is where courage comes in. We often have the hope and faith, but we fail in terms of executing what it is we hope for.   Life will not make itself happen unless you want to stay in a mediocre situation. That life-changing moment can only be created by you and your decisions so come on and take the risk. Make your own future. 

I always say that if you’re risk averse, then you might end up missing out on a perfect opportunity. The worst that could happen is being in the exact same position you were before taking that risk, and the best that could happen is being in a far much better position. Now if you do choose to stick to being risk averse, then you’ll never know. With that said, what do you prefer?  

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

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