Someone else’s success does not equate your failure

“People who can’t stand to see the success of others will never experience their own”

I hope that everyone made it safely into the new year and what better way to get back to our normal schedules than a motivational post.
Some may not have anything to go back to, because you may have ended an internship right before the holiday season, or maybe for others, you just completed school and you now need to find something else to keep you busy. Some of you may be frustrated because you feel that 2018 should have been the year where you got married or even got a child. Maybe even graduated but here you are with setbacks, admiring others who seem to have accomplished more than you have. You’re probably questioning your time and when that will be because everyone else seems to be winning while you seem not to.

I once wrote a post on the grass not being greener on your neighbour’s lawn and that you should stop admiring their lawn because it might be fake but this isn’t the case for you, is it? You seem not to understand why your childhood friend has been doing exactly what you have been doing yet, their grass is really growing but your lawn seems to be at a stagnant state of dry brown patches. Yes, you are trying but it seems not to work!

I need to remind you of one thing, for some, things might seem to work simply because your struggles are not the same. They might be thriving on one end, which is the end you seem to be struggling in but, look very closely and you’ll realize that they are struggling in an area where you may be thriving at. Maybe their backyard isn’t as green as your backyard, but you seem to be too focused on their front yard while they wonder how your backyard is so green. Someone else’s successes are not your failures and the moment we learn how to focus on our own wins, we’ll probably learn how to strategize on how to win even more. The moment we also learn how not to look at other people’s successes as our competitions, then we’d celebrate more of our own successes and be blessed more in life.

Let your new year be focused on your own wins and remember, do not ever compare someone else’s timeline to yours. If an individual graduated at 21 and you graduate at 24, both your degrees are still degrees. Nobody’s degree states their age at the time of completion because it doesn’t matter, it’s still an achievement. The house you bought at 40 and the one someone else bought while they were 30 are both houses. You still have a title deed is written in your name and not in your age so embrace it and be proud of it!
You that was blessed with a child at 35 while another at 20, you’re still called mother/father. Never look at your age or your timing and think that you’re too late to achieve or be blessed. Your life is right on time!

Happy new year once again and we hope that you’ll be part of the beautiful journey at RTL we have planned for our audience this year. Keep shining, keep working on you and make sure that you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

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