Never judge an individual by the sins of another

“Just because someone hurt you, doesn’t mean everyone else will! Don’t let the ones that hurt you, keep you from the ones that want to love you!”

I had a friend who once was hurt by a man in her life. She spent 7 years judging and losing good men because she already had a set mind of all men being the same, simply because she focused on finding mistakes and flaws that seemed to be the same as the one man who shattered her heart.

Sadly this also applies to the majority in society! A lot of us spend so much time making others suffer for the sins of those who wronged us, be it friendships, families, intimate relationships, we tend to dismiss good people due to the pain of bad.

Needless to say, people are not the same and your chance at having good people around you, might be what you are destroying by yourself. It’s not a matter of everyone being bad!
A lot of people tend to tell me how they have trust issues and still hold on to what caused by someone else but that doesn’t mean that your next will do the same. What happened to giving people the benefit of doubt? How can everyone who is present in your life or coming into your life be an issue? Sometimes, we need to sit back and reflect. Is it fair to dismiss other individuals because of your past? Sometimes, it doesn’t how many individuals who hurt you, because there is that one friend, one man, one woman who will prove you wrong so why not give them a chance?

Don’t let the opportunity of experiencing true love, care, kindness, and goodness pass you by simply because you think everyone is the same. The same understanding you want others to have towards you is the same understanding you should give to others. I promise you that you will never find individuals without flaws but do not be too quick to magnify another individuals flaws simply because someone else couldn’t fix their’s. There are people out here who need not be told twice, individuals who probably don’t even know that they are flawed and wait for a simple correction. There are individuals out there who are waiting for you to come into their life, such that they can prove to you, that you are the one that’s worth changing for.

The day we learn how to first see the positive in the individuals we meet then we might experience more love than the contrary. We will get to a point of realising that not all individuals are bad but quite the contrary. There is power in our perspective of others and life in general! Don’t forget, just because someone hurt you, doesn’t mean everyone else will! Don’t let the ones who hurt you, keep you from the ones who want to love you!

Never judge another individual by the sins of others.

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2 thoughts on “Never judge an individual by the sins of another

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  1. I like the topic. It is great to get a post from you. This topic is very informative. Keep up the spirit. I would like to share this quote with you,” The greatest things that have ever been achieved in this world were only achieved by those who kept on trying to do their best even when there seemed to be no hope at all.” My motivation to you is keep on going. The future is always bright when you believe. Thank you.


    1. Thank you very much Rosemary! Your comments are always uplifting and as I always say, the sky is only but the starting point!

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting! Don’t hesitate to share and keep reading and keep commenting!

      Victoria Nkatha – Responding To Life


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