We are all haters!

“The hated man is the result of his hater’s pride rather than his hater’s conscience.”

Have you noticed that scandals, mistakes, and slip-ups, are what news and viral videos are all about today?
In the past 4 weeks, I have witnessed stories that have gone viral within a matter of hours, even minutes and none of them have been positive. More so, stories going viral, 90% are because of people being made fun of and insulted because of their wrongdoings or what may seem as wrongdoing. Mind you some stories are started purely to entertain a bored individual sitting in front of the keyboard, looking for what to pass time on. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop they say.

I am not claiming to be innocent either, because I have had my fair share of “riding on the trends” and being part of the bashing of individuals who are not different than myself. Don’t get me wrong either, we should call a spade a spade and not a big spoon, I always say and call out a mistake for a mistake but it shouldn’t go any further than that. Some individuals spend days following up on an individuals fall to an extent of which, calling out turns into bullying and judging.

Some people see what’s trending and become part of the conversation for the clout! Yes, clout chasing! Yet, the individual has not sought the root of the alleged slip-up. Some individuals don’t even know you, don’t even follow you, but once a scandal is marked your name, all of a sudden they know the Genesis and the Revelation of your case!

Why is it that we harbor so much hate? We constantly ride on the negative instead of the positive. We would rather retweet insults to individuals we barely know, and maybe these individuals don’t even recognize our existence instead of retweeting our friends’ business and glow up!
Yet at the slightest sight of critic in your lives, we now result to post all about on social media about how many “haters” and “EOPs” we have! You attract what you show! Law of Karma remember? Law of attraction remember? You get what you give, that’s not going to change unless we change our ways.

We preach so much love, yet our actions speak otherwise. Put down your microphone and walk the talk. We are all haters and deep down, you will agree with me that you do feel some type of way about your actions just as I do. Practice what you preach and let karma do the rest.

Ears bleed from too many words of love but hearts grow cold from the love not shown!

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From us, with love, 
Responding To Life.

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