True love is built, not found

“Far too often we seek that which we can’t find, forgetting that much of what we seek, is what we already have. We just need to mould it, into what we desire”

#CoupleGoals is the order of the day! The continuous public display of affection that we see all over the place and more so, each time we open our social media accounts can be nervewrecking especially for those who are not in romantic relationships!

So many of us linger on the idea of having certain relationships that we forget what’s real! We get soaked into what a man/woman should and should not do, and the glits and glamour of “couple goals” that we end up stressing our personal situations!

Let’s quickly go back to the Genesis of it all! Searching for “True Love”. Many of us have the idea that true love lies in someone who probably has the cutest smile, broadest shoulders or the flat tummy, great personality, with whom, you can do all the things you see the youtube couples do. A 20 minute Vlog video has you thinking that true love is found anywhere and anyhow and many will tell you to wait it will find you! I have believed this before! And oooh how I waited and when I had it or rather when I thought I had it, I didn’t value it because I didn’t work for it! I did not build it!

Yes, you read that right! True love is built not found! Individuals easily get bored of relationships because what they share is infatuation! A simple moment of interest and adrenalin kick that makes you think that you’re in love, or you found your true love only to wonder why, in a couple of months/years, you all of a sudden “lose interest”. True love, is built from day one on to eternity! It constant growth in all areas of your relationship as much as it also is in all areas of your life as an individual! Yes, as an individual because it is given hence, it comes from within! True love is not a moment of raging fire but a daily spark that never dies down. On some days, it may be a bit brighter, while on others it’s a bit dull, but it never dies because you both work hard to keep fueling it! True love is an everlasting improvement of who you both are, bringing the best out of each other! A committment and most importantly continuous happiness even on the bad days!

True love is daily forgiveness, understanding, patience, loyalty, trust and kindness! Hence these are things you don’t find laying around anywhere, anyhow! Some of these things need to be taught, to be ignited! They need to be built such that, you work hard towards replacing the vices with the virtues!

Don’t go looking for it, but teach yourself these things and let True Love radiate from within you! That which you’ve built within yourself and you will attract someone who is ready to build with you as a partner! Don’t expect that which you see from others from your partner! Be your own #Goals!

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  1. Indeed just as you put it, “True love is an everlasting improvement of who you both are, bringing the best out of each other! A committment and most importantly continuous happiness even on the bad days!”

    True love is everything. It’s not for the faint😎

    Always informative articles here at RTL Nkatha. Thumbs up!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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