Kutangulia sio Kufika!

“Run your own race. Life is not about being better than others, it’s not about beating others. Life is about beating your former self!”

It’s been a while! I know but I haven’t let go of my blog! That’s not happening anytime soon either!

I’ve been thinking lately and I recently envisioned a scenario! Two runners, one race! Let’s call them flash and brain box! Both runners have the same speed, both have the same resources at their disposal however, their methods and their mindsets are different!

Boom, goes the gunshot and the race is on. Knowing very well, they have the same potential, brain box, takes his time, while flash zooms off. An hour into the race, flash several meters ahead of brain box is slowly getting tired and his shoe laces are slowly getting loose! He is not stopping at anything as he can see that brain box has increased his speed! He is so focused on not loosing to brain box, that his main goal is not only finishing the race, but most importantly finishing before brain box.

Brain box’s shoe laces are slowly getting loose as well and he takes a minute to tie them up. While he is down, Flash for a moment celebrates and thinks that brain box is tired hence is forefeiting the race!

His shoelaces are now undone and with his speed, he falls flat on his face! He hit the ground so hard, that not only does he hurt his knees but his nose is bleeding! As soon as brain box gets up, continues running and quickly gets to flash, helps him rise up but he as well, needs to finish his race! Flash however cannot go on, he is too hurt!

Life is a journey and a race at the same time! We are all running it! The goal is to finish the race and enjoy the journey not beating others! We are supposed to learn and correct out mistakes in the process. We are supposed to win, remember? We have so many “flashs” in the world, busy minding people’s race! Competing and focusing on beating others! Some are disguised as friends, staying around to monitor your moves, so as to know the next step to make and how fast your making them! They get too excited once they see you experience setbacks and possible “failures”!

The sad part is, the rest of us, “brain boxs” are too busy running our own race, that the moment we bend down to fix ourselves, the whole world thinks that we are done! We can’t run anymore!

Life is not about who is against you! It’s about you! Some would argue that a race is a competition against others, but yes, a normal race is, but the race called life is a competition against yourself! You are competing against the former you! Yesterday’s YOU, last week’s YOU, last year’s YOU! It is not against your partner, your friend, or any celebrity for that matter! It is not against, your ex, your brother, your mother! No! It’s against yourself.

Mind your own! Had flash taken a moment to fix his laces, he wouldn’t have fallen! Maybe, had he started out a bit slow in the race, he wouldn’t have become so tired! That also was a contributing factor to his fall! He had too much excitement and was focused on the wrong goal! “Beating brainbox”. Maybe, if he just had the right mindset, he would have strategized and made it to the end! It’s good to take a step back to figure out what your mission is in whatever you do!

“Kutangulia sio kufika” the “wahenga” once said. Which means, “Being ahead, doesn’t mean that you’ve arrived”. Whatever it is that you’re concerned about in your life, and you see as if flash got it all under control, remember flash might just be ahead of you simply because he wants to beat you in the race! He is not committed to the purpose of the race! Stay true and trust the process! Slowly but surely, YOU WILL GET THERE!

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

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  1. Great read ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. We all live in the same world yet different time zones. Its sunny here, rainy there. We need to learn how to be patient and enjoy the moment we are in, the rain will pour but the sun will shine later at some point.

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