Stop bending over for people to ride on your back!

Nobody can ride on your back unless you bend over!

Happy new year! Happy new decade! Yes the 2020’s are upon us and we’re starting the new year with #SuccessSaturday which will be our blog post day! Otherwise,we have 3 days of content each week lined up!2019 has taught me a lot of things and one of them being the fact that people’s opinions can’t affect us, unless we allow them to! I remember doing a blog post some time back on a different aspect of people’s opinions!

I was thinking about them (people’s opinions), how they shape us and sometimes affect us. One thing I came to realize is, the power of people’s opinion is based on how much permission you give to people so as their opinions can have an effect on you.
Let’s break it down.

An individual who has an opinion of who you are can only take effect if you allow them to. More so, the effect that someone else’s opinion is solely based on how much you want it to. There is however one thing we need to address. People who don’t even know us and their opinions. So many of us, let people who don’t know us influence how we live, who we are and what we think of ourselves. We bend over backwards for them to ride on us, which isn’t right. We let people toy with our emotions and our self-esteem yet they aren’t related to us in any way.

Why so? So many of us are bent on validation, and recognition that we expose ourselves to the opinions and influence of anyone and everyone. We then wonder why our lives are full of instability! We become flags that shift with every word! If everyone has an opinion over you, if you let everyone take a ride on you, then you let their weight wear you down, and you let others take control of your identity! You slowly become a slave to everyone lacking uniqueness and indivuduality! Another thing about opinions, is the fact that, far too often people’s opinions are based on their insecurities, pain, frustrations and even jealosy and resentment! However, we don’t exlude the fact that others’ are to build, encourage and are constructive! Do not let people’s opinions become your reality!

Opinions only come in handy when they are meant to build! When they are filtered down to those that matter! Do not lose yourself in search of validation! Be you and take only that which is useful to you! Don’t bend over backwards for people to take a ride on you! The weight of other people’s insecurities, pain, frustrations and other negativity can easily become yours if you’re not careful! Protect yourself, protect your energy, protect your mental health!

This is exactly what we’re doing this year and we hope that you’ll be part of our journey!

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

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