Don’t be the blind man who refuses to understand

In these trying times, time is much of what we have but I have found it hard to be productive with producing content. A lot has happened and much of it has influenced me mentally. I had a plan of so much but then 2020 came and hit us like a train wreck Though through everything, we rise, we stand strong and we keep pushing. I have learnt so many thing in the past 2 months and one of them i´ll share today.

My boss recently asked my colleagues and I to read a story about six blind men and an elephant and I found this short story quite interesting. Let me share a short summary (I will leave the full link right after the story). 6 blind men who lived in a village always heard tales of an elephant. Each of the six had their own opinion of what an elephant was, and also, how mighty (and not) it was. They kept arguing as their opinions differed quite a lot to a point that the villagers became annoyed and led them to an elephant so as they could touch and confirm/correct their theories. But when they did so, they just validate their different theories s they all touched different parts of the elephant. They each were so certain after their validations that they argued even harder for their points.A villager later explained to them that they all touched different parts of the elephant and maybe if they place all the bits together, they’d understand the puzzle of which is the elephant.


This had me thinking a lot, especially about the numerous disagreements I have with different people and the different opinions we all have. Severally many of us end up in arguments simply because of our different perspectives. We reap our friendships and our relationships apart only because we don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes, our arguments are useless because our intentions are all the same and maybe if we just put the bricks together, we’ll see the bigger picture.
Thinking to an argument I had recently with a few friends, I sat back right after reading the story and understood that each of the blind men was right, just as my friends and I. Aside from different perspectives, the other big barrier to an understanding is the need to be the right one. I am hardheaded and this is a trait I’m constantly working on, (we all have our imperfections right), and the need to be right is one that comes with being hardheaded  even subconsciously. This is a common trait especially in our generation.

Remember the 6 blind men all were hardheaded even on a topic they knew he least about considering the fact that they were BLIND. Their need to be right made them so certain of what they were saying that they refused to understand otherwise.
We sometimes even argue and refuse to back down on situations of which we are blind in. Situations we could use others’ opinions on, better yet opinions from those who can see and whether or not we think they can see, it’s always good to listen.

This is easier said than done especially for people who have very dominate personalities, but a strong personality is not necessarily defined by always being right or always being the dominate figure. Also,dominance can be in humility and in silence.

Let’s learn together.

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

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