Tough times don’t last, tough people do!

A great man is a torch in the darkness, a beacon in superstition’s night, an inspiration and a prophecy.”
– Robert Green –

Quite often I begin my blog posts without taking a moment to acknowledge my readers, but today, I decide to be different. It’s been a while and I genuinely hope that you are well. Tough are the times we experience but I do believe that we will successfully get through these times. This brings me to today’s topic. A lot of reflection has happened in my silent moments and I’d love to share part of my thoughts with you today.

We are not promised a life without ups and downs and even those you think have their lives put together do have their rainy days. The beauty of life is the fact that happiness comes in waves and I read somewhere that no ocean ever completely freezes. The waves of happiness may seem to take sometime during certain situations and even more importantly, during this pandemic however, as they take their time, in due time they shall be very present again.

Bad days will be there, bad weeks and sadly even bad months. You might feel anxious because you question the direction of your life. A certain year, month, week, day or even a moment may have taken you through the worst of turmoils as a certain year did to me a couple of years ago. I went through the worst year of my life yet. Several financial constrains, a broken heart in my worst year academically, no job to fall back on, no admission to my desired education, unexplainable illness that kept coming back and taking a toll on me and depression (which I wasn’t even aware of due to my lack of knowledge on matters mental health) to top it all off. Looking back at the year, I actually thank God that I went through it.

We go through bad things not because these things are meant to define us but because we’re meant to shine through. My car is very interesting in the sense that, it has an automatic sensor of light (As many other cars today). Maybe you haven’t noticed or paid too much attention but it got me thinking the other day. My lights automatically switch to being brighter during the dark, and even though it may be daytime, once it goes through a dark tunnel, they automatically switch on since the tunnel is dark. Just as I critically think of the rain and other “simple” things and compare them to my life, I did with this as well.

A car, a machine can be programmed to shine brighter in the darkness to enhance visibility for the driver, what about you as a being. Why is it that during the dark times, we automatically shut down instead of shining brighter for better visibility? This challenged me a great deal and quite frankly, I should program my system to shining brighter. A dark tunnel does not limit my lights from understanding that we need to see clearly so as to get through the tunnel safely, and get through to the light ahead. My lights don’t have to be on full light during the day as there is already light enough to show the path ahead and this applies to us as well. When the vision is clear, when everything is going well, when we’re riding on the waves of happiness, we operate at a high, at a “comfortable” level since everything is working well. It’s not until those waves become still, when it’s dark all of a sudden that we need to put in more effort to move and to shine. Life is not all petals and roses, it’s not all bright and fancy, sometimes dark clouds set in, night falls, we go through a dark tunnel but those don’t define you! They don’t define your future, they don’t define who you will become. What determines your present and your future is your ability to switch on your light and shed light on your path. Keep moving, keep fighting and understanding that you are more than what your situation tells you, you are!

Everything is temporary and even the darkest of times, do pass. However, the time you spend in the darkness is determined by your attitude towards the darkness. The more you sulk and wallow in the darkness, the lesser time you spend finding your way out.

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

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  1. This is so amazing, It has really spoken to my soul. It is in those dark moments that we should let our light shine brighter so that we can find our way. May God bless you and use you to impact more people out here. I really loved it!


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