Not everyone should have access to the new you

“You would have to understand how accessible I’m NOT, to really appreciate how accessible I AM to you. Everyone’s access isn’t guaranteed”

It’s been a while and I have probably said this severally this year but you know what, I have taken my time off and on and trust me, it’s been worth a while. I’d rather create when I feel that the content is worth it rather than post content for the sake of the content schedule. However, this brings me into today’s topic, THE NEW YOU!

2020 has given so many of us the opportunity to change and I probably know how much since I have experienced a lot of changes both good and bad which have had great impact in who I am and who I believe I want to be. Life is a rollercoaster and sometimes not everything seems as perfect as it is, however when we do our best to be our best, we slowly notice that it affects so much of what we are used to and so much of what we’re comfortable being around.

Today’s focus is on those we are around. There are some people who are there in your original state, others in your transition state and others in your changed state (point to note your changed state is not a final destination but a constant changing state of your better self). For some of us, we are blessed to have people in our lives who have seen us at all states and constantly inspire and push us towards becoming better. We often meet some along the way who come into our lives and become our source of motivation and inspiration, however, there are some other people who do not want us to change. Often, they are termed “enemies of progress” or “haters” but have you ever thought that some people in our lives are just as comfortable with who we are and are afraid of our change and maybe losing you in the way they know you?
Sometimes, it’s not them hating on your growth but the unknown insecurities draws them back and maybe just a little compassion might help them understand and maybe even become better. Think about this while you also think about how your change might affect the way you relate to those around you.

Then we have the ones who just don’t want to see us prosper. There are just those people in your life who need not be in your life at all as you grow. These are the people who constantly remind you of who you used to be prior to your new path and often than not, it’s on the negative aspect.
Let’s say you’re trying to become better spiritually, but you used to be quite “out there” too kind with some body parts and an old “friend” is aware of this. Instead of supporting you towards your improvement, they choose to constantly remind you of how you used to be. The audacity of some of them amazes me as their work is to parade you in their former knowledge of you and make it harder for you to even believe in your ability to be better.

Not everyone should have access to the new you and these are the type of people who should stay far from who you are becoming and who you are destined to be. Along the way, the right people will find you and don’t hold on to anyone who’s gain is in seeing you at your worst. Misery loves company remember and the negative energy comes from the individual’s own inability to become better remember this. Anyone who is obsessed with growth, obsessed with being the best version of themselves would never push others to their worst, instead, they’s want to be around the people who are on the same path. Don’t forget however, people obsessed with negativity, living on a status-quo, comfortable in their worst also doesn’t jubilate when they are the only ones left behind. It’s not about you but them! Don’t let everyone have access. Focus and give the right few the access to your growth.

“Not everyone who desires access to your life, your heart, and your spirit are worthy of the access they seek. Protect them. Your time is your most valuable asset. By all means give it to those who will appreciate it. But to continuously allow yourself to be used and suffer through others’ actions, you’re doing no one any justice. Take care of you first so that you can take care of your purpose and be all that you were meant to be. Then you will be able to be there for others.”

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From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

Post Photo by Dellon Thomas from Pexels

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