Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health is just as important as physical health

Happy new month and happy mental health awareness month. It has been a while since we wrote on our blog and a lot has happened of course. However, life has taken over and just like everyone else, we have been trying to cope with the changes that have come with the pandemic and the new life that we all have had to adjust to. With that said, one thing that has been discussed and very clear is people’s mental health state especially during the pandemic.

Mental health especially in our generation is no longer something that we can ignore. We all are very exposed to both the good and (especially) the bad of the world and all of it influences and affects us in very many levels. Come to think of it, do you take note of how negativity easily influences the way we think of the world, others and most importantly ourselves? Why? Simple, nobody wants the bad and once bad things happen, we get anxious and we become scared. When things go well, we do not take soak it in, because we are calm and all is well.

Depression and anxiety rates are on the rise, and now more than ever, the numbers are skyrocketing on all corners of the earth. The pandemic has been the cause of so many people’s sorrows. From losing jobs, businesses, marriages to losing people we love. More so, it all has happened so fast and sadly has become the new “norm”. However, in the process absorbing everything that’s happening, and trying to find solutions, many of us have not yet acknowledged that their mental well-being is affected as well, thus deteriorating. One thing that’s also very evident, is the fact that we either hesitate to seek help or don’t seek help at all primarily because we are ashamed of being perceived as weak.


Even the strongest individuals need a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on from time to time. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help or admit that you are not okay. In fact, the greatest sign of strength is admitting that one is not okay and therefore, one needs assistance to get through. We rise by lifting others I always say and we lift others when they are down. However, you also need to allow someone else to lift you up, otherwise no matter how hard they try and you resist by not needing assistance, you may never get up again. This is what mental health is about. Most of us, keep digging ourselves further and deeper in the hole of darkness simply because we believe that we can do it by ourselves. However the harder we try, the worse it gets and not until we admit that we need assistance, we may just never be able to get out.

Therefore, as the first blog post of this year’s #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth we are telling you and encouraging you to know that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to ask for help! Make that bold step and find the help that you need. Be it through a friend, a relative or even professional help, seek it and help yourself become your best version. You can do this!

During this month, through all our platforms (click the link tree link to follow us on all platforms, we intend to bring positivity and create awareness towards different topics regarding mental health. Our goal is to inform, empower, inspire and motivate lives. Every Monday, throughout the month, we’ll post a blog post on a different mental health topic, On our youtube channel, we shall continue the 100 Days of Happiness challenge, and on our various social media platforms, we shall (as usual) post our daily quotes but also, include mental health topics.

Remember that you are not alone. Speak out and let’s get through life together.
Stay positive.

From us, with love,
Responding To Life.

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