“I am so busy doing nothing that the idea of doing anything – which as you know, always leads to something – cuts into the nothing and then forces me to have to drop everything” – Jerry Seinfeld  I was casually walking down the street the other day, for a stroll, since it was the […]

“Grace and mercy gives hope and strength to propel” Hello, Responding To Life, I am currently 21 years of age, the first born in a family of 5. I want to share a story of some of the things that I have been through up to date on the journey of transitioning from a boy […]

“We are very good lawyers for our own mistakes but very good judges for others’ mistakes” Today’s post is a message of self-analysis and a message that has been on my mind for the longest time. Pondering through this topic has been hard however hopefully it hits home. We all have judged someone at one […]

“Happy new year 2018″ What is a new year without thinking and pondering over the failures and successes of the previous year? What is a new year without thinking about what you learned from the previous year? To make the new year and your life different you need to look back and meditate not only […]

“The goal is to make a marriage more beautiful than the wedding” Marriage is definitely a milestone, a long-term sharing of two lives which the majority (but not all) intend to achieve. A wedding is that specific ceremony that unites two people in a marriage. With that said, when we think of marriage, we alternate it with […]

“Tenda Wema Nenda Zako, usisahau Mungu anaona”  “Tenda Wema nenda zako” A Swahili saying that means, “Do good and move on”. Often, we lean on the fact that we should do good and good will be done to us but sadly this is not the case in today’s world. Some of us learn this the hard way, […]

“The key to success is not dodging every bullet but being able to recover quickly.”  Growing up is always exciting until you become an adult, and have to be independent. When you actually have to deal with different responsibilities and face life head-on. Every single day comes with growth. Now imagine what a year or […]